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Chess AI Factory | Level 12 (ELO 2100) | How to win

The fastest man missed a mate in 1 at the end lol I wonder if he saw after!That first game makes me love magnus even more.That's a lot of work to end up with such an ugly object.SAMSUNG LIVES MATTER!

Magnus makes it look easy!I always play be3 on that fucking pussy ass french defense.Youtube should ban videos like these.Anyone notice the Ace of 'Hearts' mistake?Curious to see how many you would need in 3 dimensions.Ivanchuk is like a child trapped in an adult body.Why use 5 server in a home lab if you can simulate al in vmware?Why black played pawn forward instead of taking a free pawn in centre with a rook even if he give check with rook his knight is there to defend at 3.

You are the legends27.It's longer than my car!I like it, works very well for the things I usually make, smells good.Great work, golden hands and a bright head, thank you for the video, everything is very detailed and intelligibly shown!Finally a chocolate cake recipe that doesn't have coffee in it!They break down at end games sometimes.Enjoyed the bigger more technical cake.My current rating is about 1250.Hence A also knows that B either thinks that she has 1012 trees (if he has 6) or 810 trees (if he has 8).

It was clear as day what

It was clear as day what

Why are chess players the shittiest most embarrassing people?Anyone know the song at the very beginning?Is it a ring roller?How could a super GM like caruana miss nF5.The game uses Rooks and Bishops.

Leang Gammer



Daniel V pointed out an error: At 11:55 and onward, the rightmost door should be a 1--it mistakenly transforms into a 3.Someone asked about my stance on no sponsors. I might elaborate in the future. For now, I will say I'm devoting all of my time to just making videos and fun puzzles. (Vetting sponsors would take much due diligence and time).Darrel Jones pointed out an amazing formula: "Believe it or not, I read a math column that explained the answer quite simply: If the mouse starts in a row with two cats at either end, with one mouse x doors away and the other y doors away (all else being as stated in the problem), the expected amount of time until the mouse gets caught is simply xy. In this problem, x=y=3, so the answer is 33=9. You'll see the expected times of 8 days (24) and 5 days (15) for the other starting positions work as well."I didn't believe it at first, but after trying a few examples and the formula kept working. So I then thought about why and realized this is actually a variation of a well-known probability problem! We can imagine the cat-mouse game as a fair "gambler's ruin." You start with an initial stake of T dollars, and you keep getting 1 dollar until you reach A dollars, or you lose it all to 0 dollars. So the cat would be at door T, and is (a - T) from the other end. The expected duration of the game is T(a - T), as proven in this website: amazing! I'll see if I can make a video on this some time. It does use recurrence relations which I'd have to either assume or present.Thanks to all patrons! Special thanks this month to: Shrihari Puranik, Yildiz Kabaran, Kyle. I've seen a huge increase in Patron pledges this month and I'm really thankful! Now about 40 patrons support the only channel that inspires and builds confidence for people around the world (100 million views). Thank you so much! I'd love to grow even more, to the thousands of patrons I see other channels get. I'm working hard to earn your support. Thanks for watching and sharing these videos!


Please make more chess videos your tips give me so much help thank you!!!

Femina Sagita Borualogo

is NAND gate possible?

Cedric Dlamini

I dont know wat the fuss is...just play along then when his concentrating on planting his dick inside u...u plant a shank in his wind pipe(between the collar bones)hel suffocate in his own blood.

Idris Morris


The Boognish

3:04 I'm fucking w h e e z i n g


robert hess is a great commentator

DaveIverson90 Tri

Joe Rogan is really good at narrating crime docu's

Rick Ramirez

Have you seen the New Dewalt Cordless 1/4" Sheet Sander?Full Review New Dewalt Cordless 1/4" Sheet Sander DCW200B 20V XR Cordless Sander 1/4 Sheet Sander

Rick Ramirez

Looks Awesome!!! This is on My List of things to Try to Build.

Very Very nice good work

cole barney

38:09 if rb6 then Qxre8

Aaron Jerry


Brain Siccness

Royce is a hypocrite like most black people, seems to think racism only goes one way. Another 'Black Power' rapper that became so woke all of sudden.

Anna B

Do Tigran Petrosian's5 most brilliant chess moves.

Ericka Josiah

Can I have a Apple Pencil pls I never had onepls

Chris Redig

Oh boy this kid is as ugly as... Well talented..!!???


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