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Why this song is so underrated.At 17:03 was it just me or did you hear abreathesigh over his talking.You can’t see the laser beam but you can see where it ends.0 (rated 2140 on ctart), got up to 2298 on Lichess tactics, Increased my rating in Bullet and Blitz to 1900 on Chess.

At the start of this video i thought "dark walnut?I love the position at 29:14.It is so simple that one should write down the answer right away.I’ve had a hard time keeping five tenths on a CNC milling machine on occasion.

Nice one Cris, I do think the rails in the wood of the closet looks nice and subtle.May be simple with BauBuche work.White continues 18.However, Alejandro with his cockiness was like, "I don't like a6", "Qh5 and both players are in trouble".The beauty of New Zealand you mean.Great presentationas well.In mother Russia, Russia is from Russia, periodt.

Floating in a work of art!

Floating in a work of art!

When dragonball meets chess.I want these 2 tools for my husband.I see it as a prophylactic move.No hay pregunta.You're a smart young man.Plot twist: She is so yummy.Are madarchod log khud paisa kamane k liye logo ko q bewakoof bna rha h.Which is better a horse or a bishap.6:46 bishop can go f8.

Best comedy malayalam movie of all time.

Best comedy malayalam movie of all time.

Expecting more from u.Name the bow the bees knees.If this scenario really happened, it might sound fucked up but I'd take up the cause with the cleaners.Queen then taken by rook from h2?Most states are roughly 15-20%.Today I learned something new.Chess in the mid-1800s was not viewed as a professional endeavor it was seen as sort of a parlor game, often involving gambling.

I would love

I would love

Knc6 looks better, even down a pawn.I got a Chess ad.This doesn't seem to make sense to me.Has anyone noticed how useless police can be ?I’m a noob at chess so can someone explain why magnus didn’t move Kc7 at 1:16.


thats a hopeless attack. after bishop take pawn on a3, knight takes bishop a3 and if black plays rook take pawn on b2, white can play queen to f7 check and its preey much GG from there.

akepro18 snusnu


Timothy Matthews

Watched this b4 brutha and I will prob watch it again in the future. That is some beautiful work

Juste un trou d'eau

take a shot everytime he said he doesn't know what he's doing

asifali km asif

lester max

Fake news just a common cold

Saleh Jenai

The Dirty Dozen looks somewhat easy to reassemble since all the pieces look identical but the Lattice looks like something else entirely.

Joyce Lynn-Journal lover

Gorgeous cutting board!

Peter Mann

Wait I’ll get a prize hold my bear

Peter Newbranch

0:37 in the photo challenge. Is there a man standing 5th from the right side that has his face covered/edited by a black square. Is that a player that did something so outrageous in that time era that caused the chess community to delete him from the records? Maybe he wore his hat backwards or had his mustache upside down, maybe we will never know what unforgiving sin he committed!

kreena shah


XxChaCha GodxX

I’m just like Eugene

Figments Made

This is a great organizing option for a small space! The Laminar tour was a neat interlude. And I love your use of the most ancient clamps of all time.

Luciano Lizana

Maybe you should let s small cavity on the side of the pieces so its easy to take and a magnetic closure mechanism would be really satisfactory... great design!

That was very good play. i like it

Aditya Panda

That fruit basket though

Lionel messi

I recommend gusion why because he can easily dodge dyrroths skill

Bhagya S

I did not find the sine up video

Richard Marquardt

Wow, great design and project!


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