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Your wife needs her apron back!At this age I was looking at pretty girls.What a fastmovesin the last but at last white wins.Two pawns and a couple tempos for a Knight.What about two less wheel.This guy lost to a Chinese player in 3rd round.3:14 me everyday.Very awesome, as always!

What a pain in

What a pain in

Sorry for the bugged English, I'm a Brazilian trying to learn.I can only dream of ever playing such a work of art.On every other language is called the horse.Your work was very good.This one is by far amazingsince most songs are new.I have a question: do you know of a free pgn viewer that can show multiple games on one screen?Nakakalungkot at nakakaiyak ang story mo u deserve kung ano ka ngayonang bait mo pa i love the way u are madam Sinon God bless u po ingat lagi.

Sana marami pang kagaya mo.

Sana marami pang kagaya mo.

It must have been downvoted, and YouTube is playing up recently.I've seen a few other youtubers that sound the same as him.10:43 Me at school every day.Either way Fischer, Kasparov and Tal are trully exceptional players, yet Tals playing style suits me the best I think.Buid a Rotary Weld Table,use it to present the next project at the begining of each video xD (tig cooler than i used to ).Where is friend of FFL ?This video is epic!

Best of Suren Punchlines: 1.And great video!Cingratulations to Magnus on his new record!Best "Sorry about that" ever :D.This will not be the only problem created because of their information control, so many negative affects will occur because of their behavior.I bet you were glad when that was finished.Hi RexI owned and used this plane for over 20 years.

But can you move

But can you move

This is why I love these two I give them thee upmost they have been real day one.What a waste of a move.Imagine being this lucky.If captures then its mate, if not then white wins a bishop.Respectyourdesigners.But the top horizontal surface is so light colored it is an uncomfortable contrast to the other wood.It is amazing but when a chessplayer plays chess want to play chess like reality,i do not want to press the square first the piece is and after play the move.Jenius yah anak nya.They had to be taken off the board.Let the delusion continue.

Usually Alice would pass all days, because she would not calculate anything, hahahaAnd as Bob has to calculate this dumbness into account, he has to pass all days too.D2-D4, white just loses most of a pawn.Wtf is that letter.You have a darker-grained square in the lower right-hand corner, when it is supposed to be a white square ("white on right"), and you managed to put the kings and queens in the wrong positions on both sides of the board.How much do ya'll earn.Of course it is blitz and anyone makes mistakes, even grand-masters.Whatever he did, it's working for me.I have an old laptop, but too old, like really, really old.5 billion subscribers.

Suggestion Distributing someone the 'capablanca head' when he or she is too lazy to calculate the best move and instead plays another winning move.I think an electric lighter sounds much safer than this one.Keep going strong!Kinda ruined all the content.Moe you so silly.Ya cok tatlisin ya.

Bryan Mitchell

Very cool!!


i’m a long time woodworker and i just came across your video and noticed you doing a lot of things that could be corrected or made a little bit easier

praveen kumar


Game Moba

Neu nhu minh dang chieu ma doi phuong khong biet thi sao

Jorge Ochoa-Lions

This is the best explanation I have found on this endgame, after viewing about 8 other videos. Excellent!!  Subscribed.  Thank you!!

plein aire

a lot of gaps in his presentation!!!

golemcito yair


Ehren McGee

Surely the new wheels the rover has can pick up small rocks through the holes with stress endured then get suck inside the wheel, increasing the weight

brenner comas

Figured it out! The Rxd5!

ZRowedaArtist Views

I can’t wTch another video with this guy

Matteo Cuervo

Lol i didnt know burgers could play chess

Imran Khan

Hi and namaste I like it and how think this type of of design

Kofi Ofosu

I did not know that gold was extraterrestrial.Explains a lot.


wikipedia article was deleted?

manas jati

Where did u get this pig to give a lecture?

CJ Botticelli

I really enjoyed watching your game and then the analysis afterwards. Thank you!

William Gaze

This is awesome subscribed.

Sam Hall

It's fucking asshole sure is taking a lot of assumptions to his participation in everything done by Nikola Tesla

Taps Ars

This film director deserves to be locked up in a high security mental asylum for the rest of his living days .

aidan lorente

vat19 is just sooo lame now now

Alan Lopez



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