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And a gunman going on a killing spree, out to take lives of strangersneighbors, was so out of my depth of comprehension and reasoning that I thought this was going to be a once in a lifetime occurrence.The comments are mostly from people treating infinite summations as finite equations.It all went well, until I found out he is a Capricorn.

Just kidding, this was super neat to hear about.Second puzzle i had te same as he had.The rest tomorrow.I'm guessing its part of the joberg colored accent to speak so slow."$3600 price pool"They mean $600 after Carlsen donates his expected prize back.I usually catch all your videos.Somebody help a slow brother out.Will it be profitable?

Sretna nova, Mato!

Sretna nova, Mato!

Haiz nu ngi ta hk nh z th sao.Just amazing to see all kinds of Chinese classical instruments blended perfectly harmoniously with Western classical instruments.I going to get the materials and try this this spring.How did she get a pair 3 hands in a row.Adobe XD Haha lol.Please use push sticks when pushing the piece of wood on the router table!

Very nice and correct title.

Very nice and correct title.

Crazy on You - Heart.Tried to download this but Web page gone boo!This match reminds me of "touch move" in 2010.25:30 i see massive steel thing.I’m a good chess player, but I could never play speed chess.



I didn’t realize someone got in your truck and tried to take off.What if white don't go for knights exchange?Why do you put the Alphabet on the games bc last I saw there was a B on the little bird on the right hand of the screen.Me gusto tu tutorial.This video was just a massive ad.There is a cueing arm on that model !The second problem is that the heads would get a buildup of crud (probably thegraphite) and you'd have to use a long cotton swab to reach in (with a penlight to see) and clean the heads off.The minus is a additionsubtraction term.

Gujan sir what is ur rating on chess.Could you give me a detailed drawing of this item?We listened to the same music repeatedly for almost 30 minutes.Otherwise kindly add a live chess layout of positions, that would be fantastic.Although i am not good at English but you explain quite clear thank you so much.Meatly slapping of me and the boys whacking our brains together for the ultimate mental battle.It's not now April.I used to analyse Kramnik's games as a kid with my grandfather.Eric Rosen is also your viewer?I’d prefer one side completely flat and polished so that you can see all the work you put into painting the model.

Albert Bitcoin

Bishop D6 is a very funny move! hahahha You gotta laugh at this one. suddenly the attacking bishop retreats and says "ok i'm not interested in your knight or the pin anymore, now i'm just going back to my safe square in the center from where i can watch your king either side." white then is left with the mouth open as it had bad intentions toward that bishop. now to the analysis of the game and why the champion lost. 1. black makes various retreat moves that don't really help its game improve. after an attack, black retreats the bishop to d6 and then the rook back to e8. later on black retreats the white diagonal bishop to e8, acting as defender of the f7 pawn. not a good position at all. meanwhile white manages to counter attack a few times, forcing the various retreats of black's pieces. also notice that black's a8 rook isn't active for much of the game, a problem black realizes later on. black's attack thus was too premature and not well planned. of course it is blitz and anyone makes mistakes, even grand-masters. it is strange however to see the champion play so uncharacteristically. this is NOT how he usually plays, making such obvious mistakes early in the game and then throughout the middle-game. there is an old wise saying in chess that goes like this: "if the attack fails then it usually means defeat for the attacking player." and let us be honest, how many times we have seen our game being destroyed after a failed attack? magnus is not invincible. he blunders and makes mistakes, although not as much as other players. the one player in history who did seemed immortal since no one could defeat him for about 8 years in a row was the genius Capablanca. by the way, all the other modern 20th century champions like Botvinnik, Reti, Tal, Fischer, Kasparov learned from Capablanca, and they admit to this at times. Keep in mind that when Reti won a famous game against Capablanca it was published in the news all over the world. People could not believe it was possible. Botvinnik also had a very famous win against Capablanca. However by this time many russian players were learning from Capablanca in fact. also let us not forget who the champion Magnus was playing against, a great Russian champion Andreikin. so really in my view there are no true winners or losers in these blitz matches, since all of the players are practically champions, highly talented professionals who have mastered the game of chess.


With a cylinder they could have them revolve around to switch to other cylinders which could’ve been somewhat of an advantage.

Rachel Shannon

Spirit boards can summon demons but they were made for talking to ghost. You say good bye to close the portal so nothing else can come out. However, with spirits who are naturally around can attach themselves to you personally. So even when you say goodbye they can still follow you


thanks to the indians who invented this game

Abominable Snowman

"Man with a van" is a nod to the British comedy show "peepshow." The character superhans to be more specific. Great to see Magnus is a fan


that plane is huge! i have a 7 and that one makes my shoulders tired just looking at it. I also really admire your wonderful tablesaw. great video.

Ann Rae

Beautiful work..wish I had you here ,I'm trying to rejuvenate a rocking horse I found on the curb, but it's not going to be half as good as you would of done it.

Edrei Guarin



How on earth isn't there a legend class about Kramnik yet?A very underrated world champion!

DarkFate Inc

Can you tell me, how i can create a movepoints like a Heroes 3? (With highlight to allowed tiles)Hint where to look, please) (sorry for english if i wrote wrong anywhere)

Dave Morello

White didn't know how to play King's Gambit.


This is Art !!! Bravo


Imagine being able to see Fischer or Kasparov play bullet! :O

Jayden’s Vids And vlogs!



gets off-topic a lot

Hector Crespo

At 13:13 When he is screaming for James there's is a voice said, break room.


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