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Why is this recommended to me.Honestly, one of the best films I've ever seen on YT.Cause she said make a handle and u bought all that machines for a handle?Prove it yourself 1st!

I feel Ned is gonna get last place.That was a lot of epoxy for such a small fix try gorilla superglue for jobs like that.Interaccin, no Fuerza, veng del Presente :v.And if a perfect car is possible can a 100% imperfect car exist?Everything you create makes my jaw drop.SLA printers are down to $300 still as slow as a wet week.

It seems after he took Carlsen's queen he just kind of went into cruise control, which turned into a complete nosedive.Plzwaiting of your reply.Were up and running anyway-Hobbs.I mean how is it every single video something happens not like sometimes you catch shit you always getting choked or falling and it's too much.Where can i purchase a shirt that says, Sorry about that.Thank u CHESS TALK.Can't wait to see you again Burt!

So thanks for that.Error at 8:35 "pawns are doubled".It's a great experience to listen that mix while dreaming about never existed worlds and falling asleep.From there all u can do is defend and watch ur defenses erode to until all u have left is a king and a few ponds.I once otb promoted my pawn to a king instead of the queen and stalemated the game, we both had a good laugh.Dude in back of Flip look like a burnt Nelly.I really like how you use the masking tape to glue up the mitered parts!4:28 RIP Headphone users.Im not crying, you are!

Get out of there its the thing!You should call it The Forever Alone coffee table.Seeing this proof, I would agree that it is impossible to ever reach row 6 (as the sum of all checkers under the line would be less then 1), but I would argue that the proof shows that it is exactly possible to get a checker to row 5 using an infinite number of moves.He is more a positional baseline defender.I know all this game in my head because he won )) and ye ( he could get queen away, but he was not play for material, he played for win, and his opponent resigned.It's meant to be $11576.Very punny commentary.

Darun korechho dada.

Darun korechho dada.

It certainly wasn't an easy move to find.I think the wheels look fine but I'm not sure I nailed the design and that's something I may try again in a future project.Keep up the good work."That was physically painful" is the most honest expression of the feeling you get after hanging a rook!How did he manage to do such thing this early in the game?Knights blocks, and queen captures with checkmate.Many many thanks.

Breaking the Japanese naval code helped.You don't know it yet but your name will be in the history books, you will be a well known artist.I'm sure Mag recognized this from some chess engine and knew the coming attacks would be too strong for black with almost any variation.Bishop takes a2Good commentary though.What if u don't have shoes.Chess is not about calculations at all at this GM level.Interesting looks with these two materials.The lineup of the grain made it perfect!

I spose you could also rotate the drill

I spose you could also rotate the drill

Definitely cool, I was wondering how you going to keep the weight down as I assumed you would do a big pour!I love this kinda music, earned a sub.I hate this hype man.In India a 300ml bottle of Coke costs about 15cents, here in NZ you purchase a 300ml Coke from the local convenient store for $3.He is like the 7th smartest man, plus an amazing chess player is a dangerous combo.By the way, do you sell this kind of job?It's just an example to show how precise chess is.On Chris Hansen’s show, they say that the reason why Giles didn’t come forward was because of shame not cuz of fear of retailation.

Ben Klein

Incredible design! Masterwork!!

Maribel Magallanes

I miss the old outro where elgin offers give aways


Excellent video - lots of useful tips!

Teddy Tadd

Not bad , this guy plays well. the problem with most pros they play to quickly when beginners cannot keep up with them . Piano Pig and HD PIANO TEACHES STEP BY STEP SLOWLY AND CLEARLY AS KEYNOTES LIGHT UP. THIS VIDEO OK , NO FUCKEN JAZZ! JUST PLAIN AND SIMPLE! BUT HE TEACHES TO SWIFTLY! CANNOT GET IT ALL. .

techs and tricks


Blesson Thomas

Work is excellent he is overacting and talking too much bored never ever gonna watch your work again

Blunt Ape

Nice work mate is that a scotland flag i see on your ford?


He pronounces georgian incorrect

Darren Hawkes

I do want one of these

Alberto Parrilla

baianinho no tiene vida, poco nivel


Where do you buy your titebond from?

Sid G



you are amazing!!! thank you for this. this is priceless information and wisdom. very greatful

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