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The gameplay after just horrible :-.Thank's for uploading the whole thing!Very well done, thank you!We have 30"x40" babbet bearings.Wyjdzie bez grudek i jako wycisku bdzie wysza ).

Just order a Heather Grey Premium Pullover Hoodie for my girlfriend after watching this video before it gets too late and now thanks to you I might have more idea of what to do with my resin trashes :p Thanks and good job on that potion, it looks awesome 3 Also a good tip I use for my molds of resin is any type of material with Tape on it (resin doesn't stick to tape (like transparent package tape)) Goood luck and come back quick for the following trash beauties :p.I love how genuine his reaction is as well as his friends when he was the first to get sub hour.Other than that thanks for gettin this match to us :).

Kebanyakan materi mas.

Kebanyakan materi mas.

So there is a 34 chance that the mouse will again be at door 3 or 5.I don't think so but I'm excited to read what you think or even better what the mathematical proofargument for or against is.Take the Bishop with the rook.LIAR I DONT EVEN HAVE A PHONE SO I USE THE HOME PHONE (and it doesn't have a ts).S O L O N G G A Y B O W S E R.Nood lang ako dito.The pieces move way too slow.So wonderful and neat work.Either way she is SICK!

"He who dares, wins.If Magnus CARLSEN even uses an engine."Black didn't want to lose queen and didn't want to resign.Why is this video 50 minutes long.No johns Hikaru XD.

Gracias por ensear.

Gracias por ensear.

A google search will tell you everything you need to know.Kelang kabut nyerr.How did you join the 4 quadrants together.2:21:00 Carlsen had the game with the move night D5 checking black’s king to a loosing position in further moves or accept the perpetual, instead he move night to f5 loosing the game.You are really awesome to watch man.Bernie is more than just healthcare and fighter against the greedy rich.What a load of ballsMerry Christmas and a happy healthy new year.IPLAYgb Maybe it is a matter of preference.


There's a company that makes "variable length" belts that have cloth coatings for sewing machines.Dunno if it'd slow your items down too much or be too tight but they might make smaller ones.

Alamelu Alamelu

Oru vala Avan Rani ya adichitana

Li Hua

You can get e through geometry tho. The length of the arc of the unit circle in the complex plane of 1 unit is e1=e.


So much wisdom in one video about the programming mindset! Amazing video! Although I'm not sure I enjoyed the forced comedy every other line.

Kerem Doganer



thanks man now it all makes sense

Joe Blow

I have never felt like I actually won when I win on time. I feel cheated.


Fucker is dead now.

Ian Pearson

I have been diagnosed with ADHS or whatever it is that makes me not finish a project when something else more interesting comes along.........I start watching UTUBE but the original video gets lost once I see something else more interesting and so I only ever get to bed at 4 AM in the morning and never wake up until is just a dream after all and dreaming is more fun than the reality of everyday humdrum life.The only time the panic monkey kicks in is if I'm dreaming I want to pee and can't find somewhere to do it so it gets harder to suppress the desire to look for the nearest bush and let it go.....that is when I wake up.

Utsav Churi

Camera work was pathetic


Superb commentary ... again!

Gary Carter

Stop calling him Trump, IT'S PRESIDENT TRUMP BITCH!


u a dick

Mitesh Mhapankar

Take my sumps sup

Stephen Broadfoot

Jerry, at 2:04, why does black need to invest Rb8 and a5 before playing a6?

Jen X

So, the 2nd stalkers wife apparently stayed with him, even though he was stalking women. She had to have known, because of his criminal record. It's not like he could keep that a secret.


Move the knight to b1

khaloud khalef

fear Pressure of Magnus and not time Pressure ... very easy to win but!!!!!!!

Kevin Snyder

Anyone explain how the rook on d7 jumped the pawn on e7 at 0:38.Ps: I'm a chess noob. Please take it easy on my ineptitude

Ceiling Cat9001

"im about to end this mans whole career" - some trees


Just neutering people at my level. Feels bad man

harsh jethwani


Tina Hamilton

Beautiful object, extraordinary skill. I just urge you to wear a very good dust mask, not some of the time, all the time you are don't need all that sawdust in your lungs.we want you to,stick around.

David Bor

Very interesting to watch the World Champion playing against mere humans, but he should explain the concepts behind the moves so we could learn a little more.


Now you are at 300 thousand

Anna Michele

Absolutely beautiful! Is it for sale?


Carlini spouting "He can't beat me" while he's already out of time and has already lost, lol...


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