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An excellent commentary and review.I expect to follow your sequences and make one table for me.Hello in 1:56 he can also move queen to b6 right.I thought it was oranges on thumbnail.In these pairs, if one or both of the cards are amongst the N listed, you check them if they were unchecked, and uncheck them if they were checked.

We live in the present.

We live in the present.

Fantastic tool control.By the way, I'd put my own games up for public scrutiny in a heartbeat - learning to look critically at your play and take responsibility for your (bad) moves is a necessary part of getting better.Your story gives people hope, and your life is PROOF that there truly is a "light at the end of the tunnel" after prison!Anyone from Finland?Where do you buy foodsafe epoxy?I cannot get enough ofyour story telling Rob.Sao A8 khng phong hu.That kid is annoying.My friend (one of the smartest guys in school) knew about this guy, and we did this on paper starting at 1,000 and going by 7 each time, I’ve won 14 times he’s won 10 times.

What software you're using for you 3d drawing.

What software you're using for you 3d drawing.

Using optics to create precision cuts.Great people like you are giving classes for free, poor people like me (lol) thank you.This is our justice system people.Yes they are expensive, but no corrosion problems.If Magnus had eaten the black soldier beside it instead of moving back I think he would have won.They're saying when it reaches oandemic,and it will, we will be forced to stay home and die, while everyone else tries to go on.Vishy started out great and removed both knights but then he just stopped.But something obvious is missing.What about with super-tasks?

Face it the Socialist Communist Party aka Democrats are just asking to be trolled.Congratulations!Why not Queen H3 at 2:22 ?Chuck Norris even do one of the dumbest move can not be defeated.Do you ever use air gages.Please make the next tournament at a Saturday!20:50 - when the tape measure decide it can't handle this anymore and try to commit suicide by jumping from the top of the bench.22:48 I saw a black man running towards Moe.The fast forward reminds me of Benny Hill, love it.

Tomas Segura


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I was born on November 9th, in Killeen, Tx

Thaddeus Lehman

Love it



Ram R

That looks so cool! How much selling it for???


At 49:00, after the sequence he describes, how can black take c4 with his own queen guarding it? Also, what about his undefended c2 pawn being eyed by the bishop even before that?

Peter Sutherland

Ez et farni?

Rasmus Suonio

Why not rook to e87:10


1:38"chess players"


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