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Botvinnik mentioned about the position before 29.The break to show us the beautiful Dutch spring time was the best part.With the Dirty Dozen (aside from having 12 pieces, of course), did anyone else notice that, from one position, each piece looks like 2, 5 and 5 stacked on top of each other?I like how you say that your own book is a great and the best chess book on the market :P Self confidence is key!I don't think you were legit, that was a pretty consistant typing speed, almost robotic.Great parenting, ruining your kids quality of life by turning them into fat ass slobs like you.Hello everyoneCould anyone recommend a good chess book, I am playing off 1200 and am winning at this levelBut I was looking for a book to take me to the next levelCalculating future moves and forced check mates etc etcAny help appreciated Thanks Love the videos agadmator.

I'd really like to create my own so I can have a perfect, replicable base to start from when making masks, but I currently have no way of doing so.Stupid teacher forces me to use getElementbyID instead --.I love how the board is raised a bit from the base.A big one you missed was "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes.Server ipLinustechminecraft.Thanks for the ride Moe.

People are commenting on they heard don’t leave’ pretty sure i heard a mans voice about 10.Hope is everything.Rook should move to a5 then where ever bishop moves to g5 is a beautiful checkmate!F3 instead of h4.11:02 - Kramnik wishes in Vishy's mother tongue - Tamil - Good afternoon and Happy B'day Cute.My opponent has taken his piece back to his side."there is a woman-shaped cloud of dust, fuck that cloak and dagger spy thriller shit.Thanks again Jerry!I want a checkmate with a room and a Bishop and king.ALWAYS BET ON GAY.

Bill Clinton meeting with the doj on airplane for almost a hour quit spreading commie propaganda you are already indoctrinated.Lmbo Great tips and entertaining.People are cruel SMH.Needless to say, I felt I was in a losing situation about 5 moves later and had to give back the piece.Hey I tried this.Please fix the subtitles because you can't see them :( I am from Poland and they would help me a lot because I do not speak perfect English.With the Black e-pawn gone, and the White King on e3, even if it's Black move he will just go to d6 then the White King advances and the Black goes c6, the White King cannot advance.Great video and beautiful radio!Yet he it’s an experimental compound.

The best talaga si pokwang mag drama subrang

The best talaga si pokwang mag drama subrang

This was a good video, I'm in doubt of when to not utilize this idea though.I just subscribed.How about maps with exclaves?Wow, looks like you've upped your blacksmithing game.Eg: work is so nice it deserves to last a lifetime.Can you make one exactly like this with a game from the candidates?Were you a cuber.That door has an automatic contraption (dont know what they're actually called) but it's makes door close themselves.

WHAT A NICE WORKSHOP!They say that nowdays "scientists" have figured out that after all these years of saying alo-hin its more correct to say al-e-hin(like alekhin only with very soft "k").So many skills in one vid!Suggested improvement (for look and function) could be adding valley folds on both sides of the pack.I would love to do something like this with my gigantic (but all handpicked) collection of agate!59 you should have said once the finish had dried.Most of them are already seen but it amaze me every single time.

shahjohn sarwari

Beautiful, awesome job

Eswar vallabhaneni

Queen to f6 than after horse to e7

Romn Gargiulo

Beautiful board. Awful pieces

Raj Sarath


Richard Fredlund

'I would have uploaded two hours ago but my internet provider failed to provide me with service of internet ' ...

William Adams

This video almost has 1000000e views!


Could a sphere work as a shape to record on?

Avi Shalom

What is there to dislike about this video


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