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I wish I had the funds to purchase myself one.Damn two days in a row of crew battles juiciness.Which Software ?Although I appreciate the descriptive cross over of meaning.Only vishy can defend those positions.:) I will save them for losses!

I love chessnetwork and i like you and

I love chessnetwork and i like you and

He doesnot deserve to be a legend.That snake and eagle were ridiculous.Should invests ramrod to hear them go near it and green light to see figure that my opinion ok.Nice ornament, but quite unpractical to actually play in case you are not good at memorizing positions and projecting planes with your mind.Wonder why u aren't gm yet.Everybody’s goal: Save the turtles!Is there a reason you didn't shim the Kregg Track to be level with the table top instead of chamfering or just route out the channels in the top?Make a tool rest to keep your cutting tool steady.Dear Agadmator check this monster of a kid, he deserve respect after what he did to the GMgadirguseinov.

That's corporate socialism paid for from

That's corporate socialism paid for from

The card in attic didn't disappear, as someone commented, It was a different angle the second time Moe panned the camera, he stood at different end!Do not understand the logic behind code.3:44 HOW CAN THE BLACK PAWN BE EATEN WHEN ITS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE WHITE PAWN?You really can't get any more fake than that.Next time, use more smaller batches of apoxy :) but it looks fine to me :3.Thank you have a wonderful night.

There's a mobile app

There's a mobile app

Lam nhu hay lam ma binh luan z ba lam mat hay van co.At 24:12 queen to C2 was one way to defend it but then black to queenA1 then white queen to C1 and then black rook to D1 is a force mate.The horse in c3 can prevent the diagonal of the bishop in b7Then bye checkmate.Bxe4 Rxe4If queen takes then queen d2 and f2 If not, then at least you got that knight back.Used shims of various materials shoved into player to keep multiple tracks playing simultaneously.Isn't that much quicker?

Also, why doesn't black just move one of his pawns to create an escape?8 But even this negative connotation cannot be denied in light of the magical texts.God bless the zip tie.Got the feeling that he might be using a bit stronger language without a camera:).Very beautifully done, Chris!

This is too much, yaar.

This is too much, yaar.

On that tool guide, I would have used a spacer sleeve (thin walled stainless tube) with a flat washer on bottom and top.1mm cut, measure then take the rest.It’s a game that can never be totally mastered.I have a stainless french press and only use a blow torch to heat the water.NOTIFICATION GANG!A pleasant chime would be much nicer.

Fascinating work, been hooked on these titan videos every since I seen the ones from San Quentin, would love to take that same class, very very interested in machining, can anyone tell me any information on taking the titan cnc machining courseclass ?I know the fm he is playing i live in georgia too and he comes to a lot of the tournaments i play in.Dude give me one for free.I got a savage kill with dyrroth.What sort of genre is this?Knights make more complications than anything.Nice touch the scores at the end it nicely shows how strong kramnik really was.These old videos are pure gold.You guys are completely full of shit.

Lev Krainov

Title suggests queen sac, whereas it was exchanged for two active rooks. I would call this misleading. Nice game, of course.

Jenni Annelieze Mellow

I'm crying

Kashif Naseem

Love the faces hikaru makes after the players blunder. They crack me up everytime.

Early Bird

as usual Neil another amazing bit of kit ... mate you are a true inspiration


School:Test tomorrow Me:

yobro manson

This dude is weird as fuck, when he said "wait just a cotton-picking moment" its as if he realized how unintentionally racist that little idiosyncratic slip up of his was and he then momentarily went into a quick further extension of that joke style as if to display that it was an unaware moment by imitating a student supposedly saying how the function is still legit and he would "slap you with a wet fish". After he finished this piece of conversation, he was able to terminate any obligation to still show everyone he wasn't being racist and thus went back into his speaking style for the entire talk. Am i the only person who noticed something like this because I'm aware of the intricacies of speech that exist and thus able to notice moments like that?

Gilbert Gleeson

the bjork one makes me think of perfect blue eugggh

AkaJust Vih

I'm actually laughing way more than I should be

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