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(Chess Draw Variations) - حالات التعادل في الشطرنج

19:24 why can't rook go to b5?That's chillingly atmospheric!Mato Jelic: more and more viewers.Hi, love the video, but if i may ask a simple favor.Love all the precise details!Great production Tony.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to simply buy a metal chop saw?Its hillarious to see that.Good stuff, and as always, i enjoy your commentary and insights.Muh me aayi roti khane ko nhi mili.Should've trusted your instincts Agad.

I like chess

I like chess

Epilepsy warnings would be nice.I just wanted to see how the edible images were laid on fondant and all the tips he had were great :) thank u!Ive got a jar of dirt!I have seen many cajones made but I think this is one of the best built.Hopefully you get it soon, you won't regret it!I have literally nothing do to with chess.Praddu tied up Hikaru for Wishy to punch in the final.

Basically, Nakamura forces draws against modern Chess engines but would loose against Deeper Blue.Awesome video, John!I wish you and your family a happy new year.Space is a very rich mans trick.What I learned from this video:- Ptolemy was the father of Pythagoras- An elephant can flip-flop, but it will keep its elephantness.Thanku so much sir.It's too good to throw away.When was the last time Carlson lost a game?Simce infinity exists in 2 type.

04 he will take the rook so if

04 he will take the rook so if

G3 then play trap inverted.For people who don't like to think so much.Do you think that padding you used would work well as gauze?2:40 You could have done 64 choose 9 as well, but I understand taking the easier to understand approach because a tangible formula with familiar concepts may be more intuitive than a formula without any easy way to compute and unfamiliar concepts to beginners.Add this question, "what is the expectation if the probability that any one seed might be sterile is 16.I then it was a wrap shouts out to flip man he could had been way bigger than he turned out.I can't think of what kind of equipment this could be.And plz explain me question 14 also.


I would drink Prof Stankova's bath water.

james pressey

great video. I am a Pc repair person myself, But I'll watch to see if I learn something new. Thanks for sharing.

Peaceful Journey

ang ingay maman


Yeah I believe youbut I like your truck

Jagannath Mali

Bright side Now make a video on How to play cards’

shienelyn quiroga

British people are very very humble and good...


not vegetarian OR vegan food xDD maybe the salad but not the chicken I am vegan myself

Emad Zrari



When converting to integer after making mistake can you just delete x= input ("x: ") and just write x=int(x)? or are those green comments necessary? or are they just apart of the lesson? at 48:00


What is the make of the pipe clamps you use



mate Nd

I love you

Andy Jary

Very helpful, thanks!

Dog Eye's

Murphy Morphy tho!! Haha


1:38 why bad bishop and good bishop? don't know those expressions


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