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Chess Endgame Study: Power of Opposition

I like this guy on four corners.I am a machinist and I have witnessed this kind of thing happened.From 24 7 365 to George Washington’s Birthday.0:45Went from a Knights Templarity to a Single Knight Templarity.Count me the fck in.How does he know his opponent is in a zugzwang so quickly?Was that a video of a store after a natural disaster or something?

1:30 sure looks dangerous.He didn't mortgage his life away.Interesting piece of furniture!You did not mention the advantage of Robertsons: the screw clings to the driver, even upside down, giving you a free hand.In high school, one of Bartok’s simple pieces made me want to play the piano, but mom said there was not enough room for a piano.32:16 That reaction is just too funny.This was a great video as always.Thank you very much bro.At this age, im eating my booger.

Why use 3D boards when you can just extend from the flat row of 4 boards, to a flat 4x4 grid of boards?I thn tng ca em, hy vng phn u ch bng mt phn ca anh y cng c.We had some very nice caramel-smell everywhere but the result looked even worse than in the video x.He thinks he is the best blitz player in the world?Bro I need Ur help.What are you ranked?Q to a2 check, before the pawn came out.Why these people acting as if this is some accident as if you didnt release this virus deliberately?I like to fill the background with sand and spray paint the letter-cum-numbers from there.

What is this product 12:22 ?

What is this product 12:22 ?

You did not mention all the rules 9f castling.Seeing him was amazing.Tony come on man you Should have went to the future to borrow your new rotary broach.Average battle I have seen better from Geechi.Guess I'm going to make one of your tool post drills.Missed an opportunity with the epoxy here as well.That's very tacky flashing up ads for the site while we're trying to listen to a serious analysis.This seems easy all you have to do for the bees is place them randomly then with the numbered cells will be placed were there is no bees then check for bees in a 1.VISTA 1 JERRY 0.

Just a new type of what is essentially

Just a new type of what is essentially

Fuck this video.I have great respect for skilled craftsmen who make quality stuff like you do.17:35 does it really coem with gummi bears?It's smt you can do easier than anyone else.Trump can declare special powers.Sir in question1 we luckly got at 4F(x) as 6 and in case of zero alsobut.Where did you get those glasses?The first game looks like what Johann Salomon played against Jan.Can we use butter paper ?Want to know more about Morphy's defense.


I did not know Tom Cruise played chess

Ian Ormiston

Machine screws are totally pointless.


4:12 how to answer like a political member by answering without answering the actual question

Ju Ji

Can we store the batter for a weak


Bro, how many hours we are talking about :D


You have all the micro jigs !

ramanaidu muthyala

Plz explain the extra 4min in watch....if , earth rotates in 23h-56m

Munja i Nekoboj

13:48 what about Ne2?

Nasharuddin Nasir

Hanzo team that concede defeat really wtf

Simon Belmont

too much talkin!!!

Chandler Johnston

Really loved the IoT part of this video

John Smith

U do great work!


YES! Something cheap for gaming! Finally a work laptop that isn’t just for work! $250? That’s fine with me! As long as I can get at least some fps in rocket League I will be fine. Currently my setup only gets 60 fps in rocket league at 480x270 and it’s horrible, trying to see is a nightmare and I can only get so far before my eyes start burning and watering from lack of frame rate. Playing on a console is worse as well because I have to deal with the giant delay from the lack of video options on the Nintendo Switch.

Noor Tahawi

There is another checkmate at the finishing... you can go at the pausing rock takes e8 and then knight should take the rock at e8 then you have queen g5 and then white what ever he moves he will lose you can't stop mating

Other Than Intended Purpose

I know you picked the red oak for strength and resistance to flexing, but damn, those are pretty as well. and that sled is really sweet. thanks for sharing this. I would love to have a shop like yours. very nice project. sometimes the coolest ideas are just a way to fix a problem. and yes, more clamps are always the right answer on something like this. under-clamping does not make a good finish.

douglas hagan

Can Trump go another 4 year

Kristal Brown

Moe love your video


Marius eres muy bueno

Marija Nikolovska

Amazing projects!

99/20/04 Columbine

nice board John


The best and simplest video of this process I've seen so far. Thanks so much for making this guys

Valsala Rao

I tried this cake, came out tasty n soft. Thank you for sharing


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