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Chess Game known as "Sucker Punch"

5:00 why not knight to d5 attack on the queen with a sac.Entertaining and informative.What if that at 5:20 happent and black make the move pound b3?

Y’all didn’t write goodbye.

Y’all didn’t write goodbye.

There are some parts of the Harry Pottermusic where we can really identify Williams "signature" (the music where Harry fights the basilisk also sounds a bit like star wars if I remember well).2020: mojang buying the minecraft in 7 days.To the people who keep saying the answer is 1, they're not asking for a solution to the expression, because it already tells you that the possible solutions are all squares.I have a question though.That was my senior trip this year and I saw you around the trains.11:31 Rook to b3?Pagol ra tumar thika valo chess khalay.Not saying im definitely right with this but i was kind of missing any critical discussion in the comment section.Sir apki cengage bhi Bahut helpful hoti h.

The bishop is blocking the rook.

The bishop is blocking the rook.

I really really enjoy the video.""THE MORE YOU TELL ME TO HURRY UP, THE SLOWER I GO!He didn’t hold it securely, and tried to take a too heavy cut.For some reason I thought you werent active anymore then just noticed I never subbed XD.Too slow to be practical.He built their house so far out in the country, no other man can even LOOK at her!Another bomb ass video.

It's a city with character and bad weather.(if the sandpaper lasts longer than 2 or 3 sessions!Dudes dominosSUCK BIG TIME.He heard them too.Kind of like they are going in and out of sync.

This is the best explanation ever on how to make deep hole drilling.Yet Starship Mine establishes that trilithium resin is a byproduct of the Enterprise-Ds own warp core!Dry humor is great.But its good for now.I am an Engineering consultant charging 1.I wish to have a real life like Harry Potter.That cracks me up.

Queen f7 would of won 12:14.And dont worry about Corona no more than you do about what you are having for lunch 6 months from now.GM Mesgen Amanov making chess YouTuber rich af.The cheese be like:.Any idea what the moisture content was by the time you finished this turning?What stymies me most of the time besides code vernacular, trying to parse what this.2:41 you have two chances then just guess it.Genius at work, I have a new respect for music genius now, I can handle the math and SEE how you have turned that into measurements in real life on the machine.Cough Cough Cough.Choice(a0:len(a)-1)if temp1temp2:pair1else:notpair1print('pair 'str(100pair(pairnotpair))'%')print('notpair 'str(100notpair(pairnotpair))'%')Output:pair 47.

Thanks you too much.Yamabiko San SUGOI !For the last one, my answer was to cut the deck in half.I pogchamped when i saw him start to write the limit definition of the derivative (sans the limit).Wow this made me remember my course in material science back in the days.Thank you for everything you do.Guess you decide its broken then?Ivanchuk will take it in November.Und der Oscar geht an: Special-Works!

Dexter Canda

I asked my boyfriend to teach me chess because I wanted to learn tho' but then we play it in actual, I feel dumb confuse.. gosh I forget their moves... I'm a little bit confuse with his explaination too. Well thanks to you. you explained it so well.

Greg Hinrichsen

vs Mischka the Great (47:06) 25. Rh6 wins the Black Q and Rh6 will follow. Easy for me to say ) MC is a machine!

Abdul Blessinger


Andrei Gherghelau

Usually a good player says words like "weak" or "slow" .... The best should just be constructively all the time. Stop that arrogance. Thank you small dick!

Billa bond 23

Ente mone Heavy

Sameer Ansari

why am I watching this.

Saiprasad Duduka

Best way to show a game. Other channels should adopt this

Jessica Lewis

Petition to make John an unofficial try guy? He cracks me the fuck up.


Watching on leap day

jeremy Meyer

"Overcomplicate and they will blunder".

Lauren Haack

So I find it weird how a lot of these stories are of people dying and being left in their home for a good amount of years and no one even bats an eye like what about collection agencies? Power? When someone stops paying all their bills, no one comes by to talk?? And how does a landlord not talk to a lady for 42 years, wouldn’t he notice something if she stopped paying her rent? I know that my friends landlord is on her if she’s even a day late. I never understood how bodies could be left alone THAT long and no one notices. Very hard to process

Yaro from Yengo

What if Ng3 captures on e4 and galloping at the dark square bishop????


Moe... we have coy wolves here now in Florida. ...

Veteran Bicycle


Lucky Stars

The king can kill the bishop


That squeaky sound made my nose tickle...


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