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Also, reading the questions carefully is important for getting a solution.:D and sure enough, that's the "killa moove" and it completely destroys the opponent somehow, that's what I love about chess, you never no when something unexpected is going to happen.This guy needs more subs God damm just wow.Dostlarm hepinize merhaba.Alphazero:Why stockfish!Make a drunken kitchen.Why isn't that 1 second?Minecraftme: Animation Vs.

But it’s all bullshit and fake and fear mongering!At reality talk always the case.Really enjoyed the video the outtakes had me laughing lol.I think Kasparov's "worst bishop pair" (vs Ivanchuk) can compete for the worst position in chess history too.

I think it

I think it

There's no way I'm laughing at this joke I'm too sophisticated.Why can they bring this in mobile.Had fun with one of these recently.What did they discover?But you need to keep one camera on that dam Ouija board at all time!Am I the only one who saw tht the doll was standing up n the loud noise was it falling.Imagine if somebody sneezes or coughsoh boy.

Oooh boy, your voice is crackling more than an old record player.For example the story of how Ulysses escaped the cyclops is epic, because it is part of Homer's great epos The Odyssey.It wasn't even until I hit 1600 that even 110 of my games even made it to an endgame with less than 2 points of material difference.Please include the sidebar that shows who’s winning.As a python programmer I don't know what I'm doing here.Just magic what can be done these days with plywood.: "I think that's russian for 'copper pot handle'.

I love watching to process.

I love watching to process.

Un verdadero deleite para los sentidos, hermosisimas melodias.Instructions not clear I end up drawing a mustache on my butt instead.Showing the sums of getting to the first row (trivial), second, third, and especially fourth row, using the same idea to prove that minimum 20 checkers are needed.If dont like of The music,put on mute make no diference.Before king capture bishob the oppnent will do Queen xqueen it check king cut queen and king cut bishob iy is an inter madiate move he is knight and bishob up timing betweeb 2 50 min to 3 5 min and i am an undrated player one advise never try this trap in kerala or tamil nadu player i am not for this places but i have learned in kerala and in these to places underated have the ability to defeat many other state rated players you tuber pless look at very each and very move by opponent team."Anyone who thinks they can just fly into Wisconsin on their lear jet and steal this democracy away from Bernie Sanders and his voters will be in for a rude awakening in life.

After all, it's got FRICKEN LAZER BEAMSXD.Praise YHWH the creator the great I AMand praise the son JESUS CHRIST.I will try it today.So once the king or rook has moved, you can never ever castle for the rest of the game with that piece?Its about "lastly but not leastly", I've seen you say it a few times already and I just wanted to let you know that it is in fact "last but not least".He's a future threat, I believe.ALSO MENTIONING THIS PART:Carlsen, is Magnus Carlsen.I love the color of that wooden board.

Anybody knows that, speciallyin the Makers and DIY world.Lol Wow that is such a beautiful thing!I can only imagine the cacophony.Absolutely amazing.(for a woman), but I need to crush you and I will.Why is it necessary to have irritating background 'music' - it's annoying and distracting!

gary scott

Spirit box that next time they probably want to talk


YouTube dec. 2019:" Put this in recommendation"



Gary Contreras



You've done a great job, I haven't laughed like that quite some time. Thank you !

Sunair Saleem



It doesn't take a very high I.Q to know you don't want to be ripped off. Get this man into office. Stop getting ripped off.


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