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Chess Lesson: Ruy Lopez Opening - Classical Defence

Jinx look like a bootleg Raphael Saddiq.Very patient with the students.I'm so new to commenting on YouTube, I don't even know how to tag on a reply !Yeah I heard my shop teacher when I saw the ring "Remove all rings.I'm still early!

She has gru's way of talking, from despicable me.She's the most powerful but not the most important.Awesome artistic bowl with appreciation.This guy was rated 2,000 at most in today’s world.Excellent tricks, and very clear and acurate explanations.I look forward to more videos Because I like do you channel.Black winner here.Nakamura is a very emotional player, as can be seen just by watching his facial expressions as he plays.I tried it today and got romantic.Thats the power of credibility within skill.

I am looking to get agrizzly hybird saw, but I was wondering if you have any feedback on this saw since you owned one in the past.Hard to watch but still so funny:).Gp ad ch cn quay ci hnh my tnh chi thoi.No, Federer is the only Goat.Many early pressings of records from the late forties up to c.

Even though I'll never build a bow I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video.It'll make the epoxy more translucent without sanding so it might be a help so you can see the thickness betterLast sanding it down to a shinier finish would probably really help make the final productCant wait to see the continuation :).How do i make a purchase?So we control the centre.I have a Mendel max 2.DrawImage(foodImg, food.I hope you're doing well and that, if possible, we get to see more from you soon.Ah yes, Grabe of the Fireflies, my favorite movie.You are attacking the knight and the queen at the same time.

Marc Venne

Hello,Nice video, I learned allot and looks like a great bench!I noticed many of the pocket holes were screwed in on the inside going outward. Just for people who don't know, this makes for a weaker connection. For a stronger connection drill your screw towards the inside of the wood. There are plenty of videos out there that explain why this is, and how to plug the holes. Hope this tip is helpful.Liked and subscribed!

Hans Dy

1:39:58 name? plz

Merlita Balong

Wow unbilevable

Amine Asli

Ivanchuk was very creative here, until he exchanged the queen for two pieces.. If only there was no passed pawn for white, black should be OK, but with a passed pawn black is simply losing. Anyway good for both.


I first learned about the dragon curve from Martin Gardner.  You can construct the pattern without folding paper using a simple iterative process:  Take the current sequence, switch all the peaks and valleys, then reverse the order - then add this "upside-down and backwards" sequence to the beginning of the current sequence, and put a Valley in between them.  This becomes the next iteration.Starting with nothing, nothing upside-down and backwards is still nothing, put the two nothings together with a V in between, and you have:VV upside-down is P, and backwards is still P, so put P and V together with a new V in between:PVVUpside-down is VPP, backwards is then PPV.  And this to the PVV with a V in between:PPVVPVVUpside-down is VVPPVPP, then backwards to PPVPPVV, so the next one isPPVPPVVVPPVVPVVThen:PPVPPVVPPPVVPVVVPPVPPVVVPPVVPVVThen:PPVPPVVPPPVVPVVPPPVPPVVVPPVVPVVVPPVPPVVPPPVVPVVVPPVPPVVVPPVVPVVetc.Note that there will never be four P's or V's in a row - if there were, the path would cross itself.


Now we just need to machine a real working small V8 for motorcycles.

Anee Gajbhiye

Man I really wonder why sometimes pieces are not taken ?

raj kumar

Is it a draw or win?

lokeshwaran k

0:51 simple pawn to e5 might have sufficed

Pippagb Buddy

Shout out to Leslie

Kathleen Anne

I would have liked the whole thing to be sliced to eventually make matching shallow dishes.

Robert Hurley

That’s a square-about!


i would give my life for this

Dave Fashenpour

OcVE - The Naked Mandelbrot -  a view you have never seen before.Fascinating aspects of the Mandelbrot Baby that no one has ever seen.Revealing the egg-case which surrounds the baby, with waves of colors dictated by loop-counts (ignored by almost all) fractal graphic creators. You will see the Mandelbrot with and without clothes.

Liam Nash

Never thought agadmator would praise Naka. He's been uploading vids of Naka losing only :P


Do tony chop chop costa

William Matthew

I hate this guy. So cocky and annoying


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