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Chess Lessons: Fool's Mate (Checkmate in 2 moves!)

Am I the only one who wants that blonde chick to fart on my tongue with that tight jeans?"Let's just colour that blue", he says, using agreen marker.And the translations were not very good in parts.Love the random flying car 15:43.

D2 kenneth d2 lord.But was he Magnus ?That was a cruel checkmate.He was homeless, but played chess well."Partial credit" hahaha that was hilarious.Did he just tell me to stay curvey?" Some great moments.Hear, O Hear, ye heroes of ordinary numbness!Great gang right there, thnks guys.

Add graphite, Adam!

Add graphite, Adam!

Love the other items on the shopping list!This was a great video, it could have used a little diagram here and there for young people, but it was really good.But I say this to our citizenry.We give them values and measure them.You've had a picture of him in the corner for quite a while!Bb5 without playing e3!In fact, i don't use that racquet.First thought when you were doing the inside was "Why no fel-ohhhh that looks beautiful.Nice, my thumbs up pushed it to 2k likes.

More classics please John.

More classics please John.

Does it work infinitely?Bang tolong bikin video untuk menjebak hitam saat hitam melakukan 2 fiancetto gajah terang dan petak gelap.Really nice use of ply.I know some countries have enclaves and exclaves and if they were to be colored the same color as the parent country that might make things a little more complicated.Yes I understand and have been practicing.Last times I couldn't writhe you comments, but I was enjoying the videos.To me, Picard's character arc in this felt more compelling and genuine than the one in First Contact (if not as visceral).E3 %clk 0:08:05 Nd7 %clk 0:09:24 10.All the steps and all the information are in there.

ALWAYS DRINK YOUR MILK.Lol I thought Magnus opponent was become small.Mongolian history:its very great n stuffmongolia now:ill trade my son for a glass of vodka.(sorry for the bad pun).On my way home from school I would see him driving he's VW Jetta.Rather take the loss than play that cat and mouse game.Pluto is not a Planet.I really like this guy.Que hermoso trabajo artesanal.

Thomas Nogaro

this way much better than timed timed gives little insight.

Mike Hughes

Dang man I hope they paid you well - that’s a lot of work! Looks good.

Ali Greg

11:46 why isnt bishop e3 played?

neil gordon


Still the best ever watched this when I waa younger

Zander Kent

For your cutting boards do you put multiple coats of the K-M goo on? Or do you just "flood" the surface with the goo and let it soak.What I was going to do was soak in a mineral oil bath then put the K-M goo on as a last coat.

Phil Thomas

Doesn't seem like the other guy is having fun at all.


so where did Kasparov make mistakes?


I always get the feels when I listen to the Deathly Hallows music

lan vo

underlord chi nh cc , dm gaben


23:45 Just happens to recall the same position in a game played in a tournament on the Isle of Man in 2017. Seriously?

thee abnormal minecrafter

dude I fucking love you...... you are awesome to the max, fuck what anyone else says

Lyndel Beckwith

Very nice. Super professional.


Hustler Carlini XD

Jonah Garcia

I have nice shooes

Nehemiah Reese

Whoever disliked this video has to be idiots!!!

Ryan Hauer

Fantastic work and decent length of video. Definitely subscribing to this one, thanks man!

CJR ChrisJ

Really this app awesome but just not hecking for me

John Brian Simms

I honestly feel that this video has done more to make me feel sane than any other teaching I've ever received. What Sequin is speaking about makes so much sense to me (experientially, not mathematically).

Ray Capararo

Very clever design work John

Ian Billen

Getting the past pawn is not that hard of a choice versus contemplating taking whites pawn on C3. Great analysis and great video. My only thought is that anyone over 1900 rating would certainly understand the importance of having pass that pawn versus taking whites pawn then backing your own pawn up with the queen or whatever. Still great video and commentary.


love it!


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