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Chess Lesson: The Dutch Defence - Stonewall Variation

That's high praise!Is that good or not?Destruction 100.I saw a 40 minute video and expected to understand nothing and rage quit, it was surprisingly simply and pretty great.

"Medieval people loved games songs and dramatic storytelling" Wait.Can you tell me what the fixings are called you used to fix the top to the legs.Now WD40 is a great product for its intended purpose.Great video(s), decided to become a subscriber."That was when Kasparov and FIDE were arguing and stuff.Hand made is and it will be the best for ever.

I just found this channel.

I just found this channel.

But yet I spend hours watching some other YouTube channel sit there and explain every step and I still don't get it.What if the player says favorite number is 1?Watching your videos, helps me a lot on side stepping all of those landmines in woodworking for beginners!Hi I am from Indonesia and I hope one day I can play chess with you all.Best chess channel on youtube.I saw an attractive american chess player I googled her name she is originally from east Europe.Can you make a wooden or metal body shell for an RC car?3 genial 3 jaja.Why did the black move the rook to e8 at 14:24?

Honestly, board 1 2 performances were below par!You’re the best!Cooking Earth Umm I’m Not Cooking Food I’m Cooking And Making Earth Your Old Now You Been In The Hospital For 100,00 Million Years Your Too Old Old Father AHH THE HOUSE WILL BE ON FIRECalls Fire Men 911 I’m Cooking EarthFire Men Says YOUR GONNA GET A FIRE GO TO HIS HOUSE QUICK!What about Bd7 after the trap is set to block the d-file Rook?Jesus christ, what the fuck is wrong with this jew's face.

8:30 is all you

8:30 is all you

This is a great approximation of pi:3141592653589793238462643383279510000000000000000000000000000000.I don't mean knife edge though.At 3:10 is it ok to play Rc1 or is it too much loss to trade rooks if black play Bxe3 ?Immediately after he castled he lost his white squared bishop and that was that.Muito bom exelente trabalho.

Thia was incredibly boring and I

Thia was incredibly boring and I

Ive never understood how to play this endgame, this video was really easy to understand the concept now just to practice endlessly for hours against a computer lol.It'd be interesting to see you guys react at nodame cantabile live version xD.I agree, some variations are good to know, especially when either of them decides not to do something that looks obvious to amateurs like us.This puts all the math I have taken into a realistic perspective and im finding myself going OHHH, I can take integrals and use trig identities to play around with the actual physics."if it wasn't free, I'd still have it, and I wouldn't pay".


Can't finish watching. Daniel Rensch keep cutting Robert Hess off. So annoying.

Khang Nguyen

Hay lm anh . Lim

Locrian Phyrigian




Balzs Fazakas


Chris Cole

i was really looking into this opening you couldn't have made it at a better time!

Parity Nightmare

The pattern of the previous fold is in the right-hand side of the new pattern


Sir how could I join yours test series for jee main jan 2019

Ash Kitt

ermagerd ferips


Pick up the fucking phone!

Danial abu Srour

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