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Chess Masterclass: 5 Step Thinking Strategy | Best Tips, Tactics, Moves & Ideas for Beginners

It's nice to see Caruana in a rare interview.Those welding arcs reek havoc on your skin.How to solve this,Maran Manisekar:How many possible combination will be formed when we seat 3 girls on 10 chairs but condition is that no 2 girls will seattogether.No matter what mood we were in, we both teared up.Thank you for sharing.This guys voice is hypnotic!

Nakaka long kot po yong kwento kahit binoboli ako ng mga kaklase ko piro mag sisikap ako dapat hindi ako mawalan ng pag asa sa buhay.Thanks for sharing your wonderfully creative mind.Who the fuck eats plain toast?Would love to see a video specifically on tillering, I’ve made three bows over the last few weeks based on your downloadable template and I’ve snapped them all because I’m not sure how to tiller properly.Very smart endgame."I'd like not to be, but I keep getting paired as Black.I love watching your videos and listening to you explain the different moves.

Looks so easy but i never has gained 30 points for a matchp.Bg5 instead of 24.I enjoy your work greatly.He might have resigned then.Chessman very good brother.I’m sick of true RB convo.

Looks fantastic!

Looks fantastic!

Colle vs Euwe 1924.The game is crowded with many players, specially with the recent server merge of SEA servers.Play the Chess game with no drape on the table, so I think someone hiding underneath the table.Why did they spend time on QTEs instead of those?Bc3 last stand move.I wonder how it would work with one of those grinder cutters that have scoops on them, they look like cylinders attached to a cutting wheel, very sharp, wicked sharp.6:46 bishop can go f8.

I think she was into that whole thing and I think she made up some of the story.When you try not to be RACIST and then say THESE COLOURS xd.Seems like the gearbox was all mixed up.It’s sad to see a super gm use his time to slaughter low rating players just for youtube.I got a Chess ad.WriteLine("You're very genius.I'll take a moment to appreciate the effort put into making this video.If it wasnt for agad, probably wouldnt be playing chess as much.Can you buy these from Amazon?

But it really looks rediculous sometimes how a game turns into a mess, and it's not chess anymore but it's two guys trying to fix the chess figures that they scatter on the board in a hurry, and then miraculously manage to push the clock button.8:31 why not Qc7.It's a Lithium-Polymer battery.Am I missing it after like 10 times watching.Aaand lets say we trade off the kings.Almost 3 though.The only good move for black after that would be bishopH6 to try and control the D2 square, but pawnH4 followed by pawnG5 is coming to block.

What's the purpose?

What's the purpose?

When I started assembling it I found that 10 34 was too short.Hi Antonio, it was nice meeting you!  After all the king can move one square in any direction.3:12, Iff you check the king, can the black king not move to E7?Love you mamoni.It’s such a pain to focus.So much techniques in a single video, can anyone identify how exactly does he coat it with resin there?


Thoroughly enjoyed the work AND the commentary at the end. Great work Mr. Tuchman!!


Kasparov: Can't find a simple bishop move, but sees that the pawn was poisoned.

Gregor Gregory

GM Yasser Seirawan is really good teacher,this is a guy who speaks calmly and clearly explains and very easy to understand, I love this guy :)

Holly Moreira

At 17:25 you can see fire even tho they put it out

Luke Burchardt

I wonder if at 19:30 it would have been possible to move the knight to E4 instead of the bishop. I’m not sure about it but it seems like a halfway decent move

Ravi Verma

great video tutorial. can you please send the png file so that i can practice these moves.

Seahawks 12th Man

Funniest Magnus game I can remember is when he played his Dad who was 600 rating points lower than him


IS it allowable to build a channel so ur weight/mass can slide towards the front at the apex ? if that makes sense? what I mean is picture a rail system so when it gets off the slope the weight slides forward thus taking advantage of that kinetic energy to push forward.


Roman’s Garage

Glad to see you putting the new shop to use :)

Sahil P

My brain would explode if I tried to think like Garry


Hei Titan esti foarte tare, te urmresc din Romnia, as vrea sa faci un tutorial daca poti cu Hermle C 800 U heidenhain 420.Sau Dmu 800. Multumesc i succes n continuare.

Kevin Kohtz

I like how to just threw your calculator..

Ptathamesh Khandare

can u make the videos of scalers and vectors 11 science pleaae

Armis Game

fear not, there are a bunch of chess videos, featuring all different levels of game play on youtube

Thurmond Moore

Thanks for this video This Old Tony. Due to this video and the Titanium video I jumped in with my mini lathe and learned to single point thread. My first piece was aluminum and it went badly. Second piece was Ti-6AL-4V (the only 1/2" stock I had on hand)... yep I jumped off in the deep end and did very well with my first Titanium threading. Thanks again TOT from This Old Thurmond III (TOTIII). Now to get the time circuits working on the lathe. Got any Zotl root laying around? It really helps with time jumps. )

Rath Vee

nice play on tricky didn't see that coming.


Pffffft.Bring it on, by the time I got to end of this video I had all the solutions.

Josefina Gasc Garca

Another Kasparov vs DB???

Nature Faller

Where do you find those free laptopsrecycling center?

dhonisureshk 7

Rook a2, rook h2

karan singh Jagdev

Good veer ji


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