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Chess News: Alekhine Memorial - Day 3 Report!

I live in a dot on the universe and that dot is called Earth.Perhaps a Britool restoration next?Will be even harder for the next guy trying to do it right in a few years.The Prince Of the Queen's.I know you're a genius etc, but I cannot get past you slerping your coffee every 25 seconds.Then gaining the multiplication of taking the power output of the massive increase in rotations of the small inner wheel, or even many wheels.MDF is what is usually used in the videos I've watched on resin pouring.God mode activated.

I had seen an early version of the 8 track waaay back in the past that may have been a 4 track, I don't know.I hope one day that this novice can provide this type of work!I would not have done Bxg4.Super cool video !I want to root for Carlsen, but his last video about "MoveForEquality" left a mark on me.Canyou review the Coldest Game movie?Respectfully im out of this channel.Get a Frame von AliExpressfor 250 Pounds ( a chinesebrand one, no chinarello) and get a 2000 Pound paintjob :D You have to set your prioritisiertes :D.So the solution who has same problem is uncheck "Low Resolution Aspect Ratios" in aspect ratio dropdown.Now all I need 60 bucks to play online.

Was that a problem?Always educational entertaining.Excellent videography.9:48 bishop g5 mate?Well done again from Holland!It isnt Minesweeper or Beesweeper, its Circlesweeper!In my country no television ever presents anything to do with chess.

Who kills most no of enemy ?At first there was A-gad (antonio) and R-gad ( a friend).Fallout 6, but it's in Japan.OMG between 14:35 and 14:45 I think when he looked back on the left side of the road I saw a little figure trying to crawl over the road.Nice thought, painful presentation.

Pete Howlett

You might want to invest in a glue brush...

Dylan Quigley

Lol are Anna and Alexandra now a couple?

Jim Oscares

Coincidence that 5 times divided into 5 then 4 remaining coconuts (bec. monkey didn't get at the last division) = 55-4 = 3125-4 = 3121???

Deepti Joshi

Mampreheatlowheat Pr kare aurkitne time k liye kare reply kare

cresa lp

i have a QUESTION... i mean... a CUATION

Tool Dry Boon

hopson: i want money, i want to be billionaire like notch, i will make minecraft.everyone:wait that's illegal

M Hiu Thin

anh nh hay qu


"He has a very solid position, obviously, but..."

Lance Henry


Jeff K

7:06 is the best, and applies to more than just chess.Funny stuff.

Mohamed Sroor

it is useful project. you didn't make a useful project for along time. I am flowing you chanel for four years ago. I am interested in furniture project not decorative project. thanks for everything thing that you learned to me.

Jade Zee

i like peter but he talks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much ...superficially and his habit of putting himself down...seems more like a gimmick then an actual appraisal.....he wants to come across as just an ordinary guy...but,...sadly is way to self conscience doing it.......making him appear more like a wind bag then what he intends

All Time Lessons

new largest prime:(1010000000000)- 1 - (10100000)number of digits: 101000000000 digitstake that 274207261-1 which is about 23 million digits and takes up three big books!fun fact 3 books =23 million digits = 10 7 digits=that my number needs 100 books to be written.

Kshitiz Dash

It is good but it can be very lengthy and complicated in some questions i was checking it and came across such an equation. 12x²-47x40=0 and even the answer varied a bit.

Lyndon Cole

A great video a pleasure to watch. I will certainly consider building my own machine in the near future.

Bryan Powell

If Ba7 Rxa7 b6 Bxg4, how is bxa7 losing for white? I can't find a way for black to penetrate the position.


Orse, Orse, Pass The Sauce. Top notch instructional video, I feel smarter and more useful just by watching it. Thanks from Australia, Mr Jim H, a truly awesome vid, which almost makes me wish I still had access to joinery shops. When I did we were just pumping out basic stuff most of the time, and I could not wait to get out of the joint and back on site. If I had been left to play around making artfully designed furniture, instead of utilitarian shopfitting cabinetry and windows and doors and stuff, I may have liked workshops more.


bro their zooming

Nick Beqo

Still not clear who wanted to interrupt the match Karpov - Kasparov and why....


4:27 Thats the wrong hole dude

Unal Aksu

Holly water is a bit oiled and oiled fluid drys not so fast. It takes time,days maybe.


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