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Chess of Blades - [15/60] - [Arden Route - 15/18 - PG-13 Good Ending - Part 1] - Eng Playthrough

It might be finished by now?The only other time I've seen more planes was at an airport.Was cornbread playing a real opening?Only here cuz I’m stoned on a Sunday morning!

Kf1 %clk 0:12:55 hxg5 %clk

Kf1 %clk 0:12:55 hxg5 %clk

Yeah her delivery need to be executed.New lightingcamera for christmas?Great interview with brilliant host and chess player.You can’t technically hold water so your saying it’s water.My 6th sense and my expert eye about humans tells me a lot about lies and most of the time they were right,Mostly be careful about little things : (mimics,fake emotions,behaviours against you and other people), little things mostly tell and show you the most important things.I just found your channel.

LOVE THIS TRACK!Just saying wow.Never really thought about it that way before.ALWAYS great games, analysis and commentary.Because black can then block the path of check nh4.

Some of your

Some of your

Th c 7:20 r gp r a ak.I've been keeping up with Huff paranormal he has got out a new box I just watched it it's more clear and understanding wildout all the echoes check it out it's brand new.This is mesmerising to watch.Are there any Canadians on the Chessbrahs.You can find nice instructions on woodprix website if you like to build it.  I just loved the Mr.TIP 6 that every woodboard maker should know: Instead³ of using sandpaper on the fuzzy end of the edges superior result is obtained with a scraper.

I think the only

I think the only

Do you ever ask yourself: Why did I make it ?Your videos are amazing.I appreciate the love of bourbon but AAAAAHHHHH.YEEEEEEES MORE BEN!If you plot the numbers in a row in pascals triangle, it approaches the normal distribution.And in the future, be careful what you do, man!

Thanks for the nostalgia - I really enjoyed watching this.Issues are not the only thing I’ll talk about tomorrow I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll talk to you later I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll talk tomorrow night I’ll talk tomorrow I talk to you later love I talk later talk to you later love you guys I’ll talk to you later I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll see if I see you tomorrow I’ll.Believe me, I have never seen them as serious as the 3 leaders (teams) in this olympad(2018).1:46 I Love that part.F you do that, it would be great.Hc c thm nhiu kinh nghim !3x3, 9x9 and so on, all fit into boxes perfectly, and the boxes, in turn, can be stacked without too much trouble.O my god your music sucks.Don't they have tiebreaker points or some performance rating.

Lawrence is solid, but here you just realize how Magnus is actually good.Joints are held fast using face frame screws.Happened to me today and I felt like I was just lost.I'm excited to see what you do next.This got a lot more entertaining when put on 2x speed lol.Cakep bang cenel lu gw dukung, bang bikin terus vidionya.

kumar mayank

5:30 hmmmm , but I got to pee


Kasparov's rook on the h-file reminds me of a similar feat Rybka pulled against Jonny in the computer world championship this year. Truly the work of a chess machine! Karpov's chips were also cooked

Avishek kumar Jha

It's always hard to decide whether I want to enjoy the show or guess the move. Lol!!

David Kim

lol i thought i screwed up my headphones

Lokeshwer Uday

Is it boring or interesting?

brave heart

Grabe namng mga kapatid yan. Prang d tao,, inggit umiral sa knila.. Buti. Qng sa ngyun wla slang ping sisihan

Rachel Edwards

Belle Gunness was SO evil!

Andrew Deighton

The position at the end seems to be a draw, I guess a risk of trading down is trading down to not having the right material to win, or not be able to win easily, such as 2 knights or bishop and knight (not easy)

Shakkir T k

Oola bgm

emeka mickey

It works lol


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