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Chess online 13: Elo lên xuống thất thường

What a wonderful product of human's hands, well done sir, it's beautiful.Can you do that on people too?5 million of those views are from me :-) I saw this Gambit from you a year ago, its definitely my favorite opening.Me: Has a bad cold so I can't go to schoolJack: Let me help you to cure that!It's okay to long to live in a different world.I have a yard full of air dried.

He's talking about different numbers of times that interest is paid (n): 12 (monthly for a year), 365 (daily for a year), and so on.I don't remember the time or place though.How to make the music wave in this video?No sera ""Permeabilidad" Magnetica".What price do you offer for this resin chess.

I've played very passive and "save" in my

I've played very passive and "save" in my

Me: i will not sacrifice my queen for save the king eventhough my king would be checkmate after next move.Man, Daniel Rensch actually looks pretty jacked.I call bluff, parlor tricks, I laughed an I dont if it's real,I wasn't sensing anything.However, this solution you came up with is not clear to me.I also drown myself daily in old spice and IPA's.Super interesting, thank you!Maybe she could have pushed a little, by asking if Naka was in that 'category'.

That first one wasn't even remotely "crazy".

That first one wasn't even remotely "crazy".

The rook will be immediately dead.My father is irresponsible.You know it's dumb when even William says it's dumb.Round 2 round 2 round 2.It’s like watching Benny Hill make a work table with the hammering.Haha, the Bishop disappears like Obi Wan, both a pop culture reference and a cheeky critique of religion's true nature.

Samu Gindert

Making it from dark wood would probably have fitted better with the board but still a stunning set with perfect execution. Wood love to have a set like this in the future. :)


At 8:36, why wouldn't Carlsen move the knight to c-6? It would have put the rook on d-8 in danger, and the bishop, while blocking the rook and queen from moving forward. The knight would have been protected by the bishop on g-2.


Great job of showing folks basic troubleshooting and how important customer relations/understanding is.Like you said "they are there because they don't know" if they did they wouldn't need you, more than half the time I don't even ask what's wrong or go beyond 1 question- "what happens when you turn it on?" or "what doesn't it do?" and no ma'am I not talking about your and having a sense of humour helps. I would have checked the onboard video and other settings in the bios first then the memory (bios may have even told you the mem was bad or not recognized)'re not even getting POST displayed (which is usually either mem or vid is bad or somebody messed with the bios).

Ravi Prakash

6:00 why did he not take the pawn c6

Devin Schumacher

this dude is fuggen funny

Amar Jargal


Alan Jennings

Really good analysis, I have to rewind the positions several times to catch up with your speed of thought (albeit very well prepared and rehearsed beforehand).

Kevin Snyder

Anyone explain how the rook on d7 jumped the pawn on e7 at 0:38.Ps: I'm a chess noob. Please take it easy on my ineptitude

Geoff Huang

0:03, that quote on the bottom is foreshadowing 2:26

David Christopher Coffin

So, who won, or was it a draw???

The Wood Bandit

I have noticed you always use only one glove. Why’s that?

A Juro Paglinawan

solitaire khet...


F2 - F8checkmate


Wow, 12 Year old Magnus just wow.


Really nice and creative. I want something like that for my Bear.


17:00 Nord vpn. Got me laughing lots.

Hi Weeds

Scholar Mate is my main line in 3min blitz

Spyros Vranas

Many here complain for Alexander...but they don't know, that today they speak his Greek '''Helliniki''' language because of lol bunches of idiots !!!


Ch Lee trong The Walking Dead u ???

Mahroof Mahroof

Mammokka gopika polichu


what you need as a cleaning alcohol for discs and monitors and stuff is isopropil alcohol

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