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Chess Openings: Kings Indian Defense

Sometimes you have to grind a socket to make it fit a tight spot.It only takes about 5-10 pounds of torque to overtighted and cut into the external insulation, and 20-25 lbs of torque to cut into the internal insulation.But the top horizontal surface is so light colored it is an uncomfortable contrast to the other wood.You’re absolutely right.Cool voice catches though.

Do you have a pattern to sell.I always wanted to know what happens when you just run a raw hss blank on a lathe.It is a bad looking move but i have been trying to find any disadvantage out of it since seeing the other variations you have provided favor white.Your audio quality always sounds warm and nice to me.I need a brain transplant after that.

Okay it is clear.Your videos are very entertaining!Just wanna know whats the use of the table, td and tr there.11:22 he could have gone for the draw couldn't he?That's construction, work hard, work smart, keep your mouth shut as long as you can, if your going to yell back, let the other guy yell at you for a few days first, so they know your just standing up for yourself.It's stuff like that that keeps me away from most of these games.Is liora golan's sister?Who the hell is disliked the video.Damn, I was jammin so hard I forgot to watch the video.

Ive talked to several different people

Ive talked to several different people

3:27:26 gave me a good laugh :D Congrats on 400k btw :).) who at the same time looks like a fun guy to have a beer with.John is the best.How is the run going?Amazing craftsmanship.0:07 when shehe text you first.Ampangit ng lalake.That is my favorite theme.


1961 Camaro?? What??


Checking with an engine, after Black's ...Be7 White had to play 14 f3! to meet Bxh4 with 15 fxg4!and then White is winning. But of course impossible to see all that in blitz.

b0ss VEVO

Love it


Bro plz help....i didnt get the source code from that link....nd name that software u r using....plz help anyone

Jackson Brown

Roses are red, that kid’s hoodie is blue, and he’s an Asian who’s better than you


I've attempted to learn programming for the last 14 years. I'm finally at the point where I can at the very least understand what a line of code I'm typing is doing. I hope one day I will have knowledge like his in whatever language I'm proficient in.

Joey D

I've played a lot, but never "formally" nor do I know a lot of the correct terminology, nor do I understand the theory behind the moves. I appreciate you folks taking the time to post this, thanks!

Lunatic Lunala

when you are so fucking bad in chess you still lose even after you cheated

Grayson Jones

I’d say Magnus is the best personally

George Lipscomb

Chuky is such an endearing madman.

Christopher Miller

Have you ever covered any great games featuring the hippopotamus defense (the modern) played via the black pieces. I am having trouble finding one but I know they are out there. This strategy for black interests me very much, I would love to see it played by a grandmaster

Rayner Wong

Awesome job !! New sub.

nadia c

15,000 infected in Iran? Where is the source for this claim???

Aroma Delight Beauty Care Products

OMG! I Love the Hot Air Balloon Birthday Cake! You did an Awesome Job!

fep ptcp

2:12 oh the pareidolia...

Butter CremeCake

Wow I’m shocked. There are rubber bands... in a rubber band ball


Thanks for posting and sharing. Nice mallet.

Sam Hopkins

I came to see the knight savage that queen.

anthony macadon

Wow. 1st time I've seen Morphy lose. So he is human.

Neil Allen

Since we never see any video of you above the shoulders, I can't help but wonder. Do you wear hearing protection of any kind while working in your shop? The high frequency and intensity of the planer and table saw over time is damaging your hearing ( I know first hand, used to work on race cars, no mufflers). For your boys, if not for your own sake. Get some, wear it!!

Felipe Zamora

Queen F8, black bishop defends on G8, sacrifice queen G6, bishop captures on g6 and then you capture with your bishop G6 checkmate

Kelsey Tang

0:34 jesus that racket shaft flex


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