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How is skip gonna determine what relationships nba players should have?Yay 6 different games on here and chess.About the end times and more, Recently God gave me a dream of heaven and hell.Finding out that Eugene is a Claire Saffitz fan girl is honestly the highlight of this video.

Thank you,please keep doing

Thank you,please keep doing

What drawer slides and pull handle?I think you should do a tutorial on how to make those amazing finishes.Someone help me out - in the Ra3 game, why can’t white counter with Qa2?I love seeing you use all the different tools you’ve made over time, making more tools.This can't go on.Your neighbors don't complain about the noise?Thank you MTM Wood for your inspiration to woodworkers worldwide.Do a video on history of chess.This is why I'm not the world champion.Hikaru "This is going to be a little bit messy" Nakamura.

When you go to the bathroom

When you go to the bathroom

Is there any history that explains the work of the MAGI relating to the magic square?Much more educational value.But that last minute was heavy for both.More people need to see testimonies like the one Titan has shared.You'll play stronger chess moves, win more games, and save a lot of $$.Im thinking about ordering a board from Russia (mtmwood) they make gorgeous boards but you make a beautiful board too.You have mad skillz, dude!That board around 2:47 is just so picturesque, what a miserable position for white.Stop the nonsense it s not real comment moe sargi dont do that with your fans.

Rather boring game.

Rather boring game.

I'm curious why you needed the pre op?We don't need to watch you at same time watching the game explanation.It's east for understand.(nervous American laughter)That gosh darned Sir Arthur Rowl--I mean Raleigh!Name of this board?This video just proves that chess.He seemed happy that someone appreciated his work and knew who he was.It takes FOREVER to topple.ChotiyAaaaaa AysE Khelty He.Aliyan enikista athinano e kolak adi.

I knew I needed a mallet.I can’t watch anymore of this BS.Just a quick post to just let you know that I think the box you made there was so satisfying to watch you make and the result was just the cherry on top.Hey Casey, it is awesome job.But what was the purpose for a4?Really good job.Since it is very interesting if it is at least algebraic or not?Well, I was wrong and enjoyed every minute.J-KD is a beast, future Candidates contender for sure.

At 5:48 bishop to

At 5:48 bishop to

Really mate, tank you.Fuck them, one thing is to be a good commentator, on the other hand, we have these douchebags smashing on everyone else.In this photo Spasskylooks like Will Ferrell.What a showboat.Patty-I just MUST say this:you and Heather -you look greatand you are such a good team-you 2ANDyouALL!Showing kids that science can be fun and creative:).Respect to Master P and Romeo.

Hope you will upload some creative stuffs like this with your experience.I've noticed him do that in quotes a few videos, but I've noticed no issues before or after he says "sorry about that", leans over to adjust something, and then continues.You don't want anyone unplugging or switch off the power while you are operating.Is it the light?The fact that the clearcoat was painted with a brush but no textureYou are a great person.Afatar watch your analysis i thikn black also play very Pretty.Muy bonito diseo!Hpp shows error.


Watching Juz troll himself is usually a majestic experience. 38:36 was no exception! Thanks Juz!!

A.H Kotre

I like outdoor game - badminton And indoors game -chess

Rob Bower

Love your vids

Bjrn Erik Danielsen

Very nice! I notice one thing about videos like this. You often need tools costing thousands of dollars. So if you don't have it, then you won't get far it seems.I try to keep myself from buying tools, because using hand tools gives you the advantage of not being in need of a lot of hardware to make things. Takes longer time though. But in the end the simplicity and advantages of being good with your hand, compared to being good with tools are huge!Anyways I am a master painter with a interest in wood crafting. This was an amazing video.I am happy people with major skills like yours are out there. I am so dependant on that in my work. This teamwork at that level gives me goose bumps :)

Londrod .ac55

Mau tau lagu yang pertama apa judulnya kak

Tom McLaughlin

How about n/0 is undefined, it makes no sense.

Mr. Myxzptlyk


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