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I love how that the Gateway programmer literally called the function "Brick()".This is one of those killers that could have been prevented.It's like tic-tac-toe.

Where are the parents?Jerk, i never forget.In reality maps are made on planets, and planets are spheres.If you have a copter on your yacht.Sampe sakit pipi nahannya dan akhirnya nulis komen keluh kesah saat nonton video ini sampe masalah dokter aja sampe 2mnt itu yg bikin gua berkata dlm hati ini apaan sii ?

The other guy is as cold as the side of the pillow.All the girls in the end scene are basically wetting themselves over him.I think the dude was playing with a lot more than "Magic Squares!That's not a sheep.Human on human action !Full movie idedo thendi chette patti.Don’t buy this bottle.He makes it look so easy.Puzzle me Buzzlethank me later.Neat designs, but puzzle difficulty is very clearly overrated.

I know mage line up is so Powerful but i can counter this with my complete dragon altar wanwan and change and monastery of light synergy alucard and rafaela.Very good job man!282,589,933 is the biggest right now, wow.Dont stop when cuttting.AgadmatorAt 28:52 White move Maybe like bishop c4 the light squared bishop needs to guard the g5 square bec if black king move there in a couple moves checkmateBlack movewill be nf4 that's checkWhite can move king h7 but h pawn will fall so only move king h6 Black moves bg5 which is check White moves king h7 and loses the h5 pawn which black definitely win with a knight and bishop while white only has a king bishop ajd a pawn.Thank you, Jerry.My comment is just WOW I loved the game.17:01 Reseat that RAM!That looks really good.:D I spot blunders well.

When i type the fTheta part exactly as

When i type the fTheta part exactly as

This guy shouldn't grab those shavings while the lathe is turning he is risking serious injury,.In some cases I even had to play the same person twice in a row!Even down to the one glove to tighten the pipe clamps!Love the bronze leaf.A steam iron can be used to lift or restore pressed indents.You's maker gamer for mobile!

So they dont connectHow to beat the system.'Is your person Anita' was the second guess?Is that Grischuk?I don't think you need to go back in time 3 years it sounds to me like you're already in the past.You make Woody Harrelson look short!Nag suscribe Napo at nag like Napo sa vid.

Thanks for featuring my games Antonio and Jan, that was lot of fun.You're probably just one of those people who thinks of math and science in the way school has taught it in an impossible framework.I wish I could go, but like I said before.Thanks for sharing your work.This battle was too easy for clips.Fantastic game by Kasparov.

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Owen Matthess

Fatal mistake for black or am i just a chess ignorant? Why did black not move to Ke8 at 10:36? instead he moved his pawn for promotion..? If he took that time to prevent with king would that not have been better? Winning for black?


What? Different technology? That is how you explain penguin is so quick? That's called rationalization defense mechanism in Psychology.

Christopher Edmundson

Keep the video's coming they are a great source of inspiration to 1000s

Charles Farley

How about a set of drunken drinking goblets?

Bhushan S.

dose the narrator have a podcast? it's been 7 years to this video but still...


So, will this work better in terms of raw geometry than a corn cob style mill? Does variable helix also help reduce chatter or is it redundant with rougher types?


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