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Trabalho maravilhoso!Truly enjoyed your process and "storytelling.Mnh chng thy hay g c.Cant believe I still never watched it, thanks for the upload.

Before commenting on Kevin, I must comment on Aaron Tanco.Great woodworking teacher.Both players can theoretically infinite stall by going back and forth.Man isnt it just weird to think that anyone who had their voice recorded in a time before 1970 are most likely long dead.Any otherbowyers please feel free to add me.And some of us just have ZERO talent.I may try this on a drill press.I saw this on sale at Menards for $19 today.Good luck for final.

I hate anand so much.The table is AMZING THOUGH.Poor gold bracelet woman.I wish I had all of his tools to work with, be nice when you can’t get quite the right size of metal you need to just run over to the metal lathe and make it whatever size you want!What is the case here?Did I miss the part of the video where his opponent revealed himself?I want to buy it.Just found the series and you're doing a great job teaching!

It's even worse than that.

It's even worse than that.

Congratulations.How is that an end grain board?(8:24) Well done man!I come for Agadmator 1:55:32.Just choice a language and code.Perdon me confundi.

I love these kinds of games!What a great video, we used to bring logs out of the bush with a bobsled.Madd underrated.Wait, after B3, why not push e4 opening a discovered double attack on both knights?I have 5 red paperclips in my house rn.I'm completely different than I was 15 minutes ago, about wood.Pretty interesting setup!"he would build the greatest wall they'd ever seen"Trump wants to know your location.There's a hanging rook, or he could capture the pawn with check.It’s a shame that Evan’s Gambit wasn’t played here agadmator 2020.


Very detailed, you remind me of the host from this old home. Very informative.

Abdillah Muhammad

Fischer could be dead on this situation


Before watching this, my money’s on old man. I’ve been taught to respect my elders.

Chess Education

subscribe my channel.Thank you guys

Cc Kim


Jeffrey Johnson

Some one else may have already pointed out your lie/mis-information/error at (4:00) BUT EE's do in fact take statics and mechanics as well as transport phenomena as part of the engineering core courses. Vibrations and Controls taught by the ME department are often also taken by EEs.

Maximilian Moosreiner

The money shot at 1:50

Chris Cross

at 1:52 Be4 is a check soooo I'm gonna go ahead and say at 3:46 was NOT the first check, lol.  Otherwise this is a fine video and the narrator is pretty helpful but the explanation of the moves could be sharperclearer. 

Zenitsu Craft

Do you know gray still plays?


I can feel the machine vibrating in my house.

Sadik Muhammad

Super songs


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