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Chess Super GM || Hikaru Nakamura's most outrageous chess opening! || Tradewise Gibraltar 2015 Rd 1

THANK GOD AND JESUS FOR THRSE MEN.Technical difficulties were a very minor flaw imo, thisnwas pretty cool to watch.018 khai cuoc carocan anh oi.Great video John!It is possible to do so by wasting moves and getting your opponent into zugzwang.The music at the beginning is highly suggestive!The blue shirt man has the funniest laugh ever.I think this video has made me ascend to the 4th dimension because I saw everything the way he did.

Would you like to be

Would you like to be

The chick that does the die process was checking you out man.I'd recognize that profile anywhere!"-" originally, was poorly designed and needs to fixed.Proud BISAYA more2x blessingPA poh.I'm installing windows on my Mac so I can by your courses !How do you develop intuition to solve tasks such as these?

Please, please, man.Nice to see there are pple that still have the moxxy and skills to continue.Living in big city’s not such a good idea after all.Both the top and bottom surfaces could have been recessed in the sides with a long angled slot ( mitered and not glued ) and both the top and bottom inserted while the side dovetailed joints were being attached to each other.Very basic and waste of time.On my iphone i cant see ur opps ratings but they must be horrible.Amazing explanations.It's more like the yuppie version of a rock anthem list.Kyablack ko check mate kar sakete hai.I love it but the OCD in me is saying the rings should have been centered.

(I can't believe 3D acrylic lamps from China on eBay have tripled in price in the past couple of years.In the final position it almost looks like white can play h3, kh2, ng3 to renew the threat that would of happened if he had of played bf1 initially.I live in utah with u.Carlseen endurance too bad, he like' Mike Tyson good speed but in 6-12 rounds very bad.: I also have a band saw that operates like yours.Question is:In college I was around 15001600 and was thought of as very good.I wanted to make aware of a more intuitive way to use it: Take the transpose of your P' matrix.They would toss the board after the 4th move.

Hallow marra, just found your channel.In 2017 you should have at the very least moved on to 20122013 era sandy bridgeivy bridge cpus for home servers.If the queen moves, but your queen at h8: checkmate.Please someone answer.Se hubiera podido amasar con una botella.This set is gorgeous!Great video, I learned a lot and so simple track.He could of connected his rooks, move out his bishops in at least better position than sitting in gear 1 with the hand-break on, rooks could of tired to take charge of open files down middle.Still watched it still don't know shit about what happened.

Sufia Anjum

I love it


We need more of your cat in the videos:D


Thanks lady!


What an ugly position. Like a foot in the mouth.

TheReal DX


Johan Vilhelm

I dont have the items to make them


5:50 That's just the Dutchness in Anish D it's not personal. We like to be direct.

i can imagine making a chess game. I cant imaginne making an AI for the chess game

Thimotious Creation

Crafty Cockney

Thanks, John

Harrison Edokpayi

For a second there, I thought Carson's opponent had a chance and then bum, Carson's Queen zooms forward, holy shit I knew it was all over. Carson torments his opponents by his confidence.

MC King

I learned how to use the symbols and why they were invented, but not were they came from, which was the reason I clicked on this video.

Snehal Deshmukh



Graff sends this guy a tool to try out and he turns around and makes it better. :D


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