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CHESS TIPS NO 2|sri lanka chess|sinhla chess|chess basics in sinhala

Keep Santoro out of this Chanel.I really enjoy your channel and love your cute and funny personality.My kids see shadows and we hear noises all the time.I'm thinking the exact same thing Tom is thinking.

Cs paul morphy had acoldflu

Cs paul morphy had acoldflu

I made my pc at the golden time, December of 2019.Looks beautiful, but my concern would be the hardness of the epoxy.I swapped all of the CPUs, bought 3rd party RAM, and replaced (went around) the old SATA II bus, and installed custom PCIe solutions in all of my 2009 Mac Pros.Skip don't get it he disconnected from the culture.11:50 first time he says something lol.You'll need to replace the caps in that.

Finegold you are too weak

Finegold you are too weak

This feels like a solution which would scale nicely even for bigger games.I made this without vanila essence and baking powder.I very much like your videos.What's inside the dji tello.Nice too see wat Just a front of beautiful wood can do.At 4:00 you would've won a pawn and a bishop at least and a pawn and a rook at best.

Daami sana on

Daami sana on

Very nice almost like the movie illustrated very cool!Chess,com full of cheaters.I invented a "Parallel Guided Power Saw" which can be seen on you tube and can carry any saw on the market and can cut lumber and boards.Man you are the best.Great work on 81.It will help the cured resin slide out of the mold MUCH easier.The First time in my lifeI see this kind of technique with bow.I really hope Carlsen wins this tournament.12:21 red mech: FAKER!It looks amazing.

Thank you very much for your channel!I'm American and I'm beyond proud of being an American.What are the numbers on the door?Kecepeten dancok.6:15 Magnus omitted Nxg5!

"I'm here for depth" Did you get lost in the sarcasm Naka?Sweet dreams, pupper.Beautiful piece of woodwork!I want to use Chou, Matches:634, Winrate: 67.You say it like Vaz, it’s Vayse.Perfect Pitch Tells me that the note you play for C is actually F.That's not a joke."This is the world champion, guys.What was up with all the trades?


kasparov could adopt me with a 10 seconds 1 vs 15 minutes 15

El Trolero


Corey Newkirk

KingcrusherI'm curious this is not a criticism but I'm just trying to learn .... Why didn't you go to Bf2 at 21:34.Was the queen such a menace and the bishop was preventing something? Maybe my tactical vision isn't as good as yours.


Powerlight958 no, stalemate.

Mango Rice

Lmao at The Police joke, "Every move I make, every breath I take. . ." XD

Marco A. Gomes Jr. [juniorain]

Amateur mathematician lolIf the great Ramanujan was an amateur mathematician you're all pre-school daycare caretakers.

Bociej 94

I don't wanna hate but you should check how to pronounce "interesting" correctly, but btw very good video mate! )

andrew su

Ben do you know Chuck schulien from your child hood when you were rated like 2400


This ep should've been an Emily ep...she'd add ketchup to her onion rings!

moosmutzel waldwuffel

In 7:06 Why Magnus did not just go g6 and Rxh7?

Mike Seff

Sir I applaud your masterful skill and seriously hope I can make something that cool in the future

Dom Cheatum

Take the Bishop with the rook

Snakes Kouts


Anton Retro Jr.

I like the "Who is..." refrence to Softwilly's Discord Jeopardy


who win??

James Varvara

That guy's a bot

Coos Oorlog

I love how "adoption" is now standard internet chess concept.

paritosh mainkar

Do I need to be a maths genius to fully understand the concept? I understood the part that it's the best way. But didn't really understand how. Shouldn't it be very simple to understand?


Oh, s!!

Asael Pulung

Heheehe pak Rt kalah


I believe that Tom flipped the Ouija board over so you could not spell out the'good-bye' required to close a session, as well as to protect yourself from being haunted by your invited guest if it chooses to stick with you. My stomach is in knots! I am a fairly new subscriber (2 months) and was wondering what the Tom thing was all about. Thank you, Moe, for creating this series! I am so creeped out!! Now, back to the video....!!

Sergio Sanchez

Muy bueno, gracias Luis

Juan Pedro Romero

What was the final question?

Parth Tejpal

What is your username on

you rock bro


This was nice, no music, barely any talking.


Nice try -) This is NOT the "Battle Chess" game. This is the "Battle Vs Chess" game :DGreat video, nonetheless :-)

Yusuf Hartono


Yvette Arcangel

Correct we need a save the king you not save king you lose

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