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Chess Titans Level 1

After watching the whole part 1 I want part 2!We have to count the least number of attempts.For best alignment use a thick plate of laminated chipboard (or Mdf) as underground.I like Jinx outfit idc idc idc.Its all gonna slow to a crawl.

Who got a million $ shop to do that job?You re the best !Cellphones sound way different.

White queen capturingthe bishop and then if pawn takes the queen then knight to e7 check and eventually taking down the queen.We don't need the other 6 lettersThe other 6 letters: sad letter noises.Excellant move from Mikhail.There's no logic in this mans words or thoughts lol.Who hears there Holst's Mars too?

Not sure what to do

Not sure what to do

That table is assume.I wonder when people will start explaining electric devices by a processes of magical nature, since harry potter is being the only book they read nowadays.Tal would have seen the solutions in a flash, but would have got 3 wrong.Thanks for seeing me through these past two days stuck in this chair bronchitis.You are like a wood genie.What about hustler series?Cheers for the tip on milling brass with a router.If you make a lot of these you could fab up a circle cutting jig.I remember this,it was the beginning of random mass shootings!It's seems u r mad.

How come lebron hasn't went at Kawhi like

How come lebron hasn't went at Kawhi like

When does the 12"X12"X12" print area version come out?Thanks for the upload.I am enjoying watching your presentation and gamesbeing played.Please slow down Danny.85 meters tallPaper with 21 fold: NoHyperion the tree: died.12 faces plus one in the center.I really want to try it!Can internal heat damage it?

Dessert Man

Wow impressive

Anthony Kernich

I think I've found the immortal black game. That knight is a monster!

Georgi Titov

14:35 mate in 9? I cant see past 1. E4 man


Suggestions for where I should look to learn chess strategy?

Nico Piano

Summer chill

Krishan Sikarwar

Mikhail the Magician. I became a fan of Tal after after watching this game.


Who Eats This Stuff?? MOMMY!!! XD:)

Layla Howells

Y’all set off my fucking Alexa at 3am


flat earthers watch this and cry

Conference Ndlovu



the size of this game is 12 GB!!!

Harlan S Barney Jr

A man I worked for in the 1950s was in an AA group in WW2.He told of seeing a plane they did not recognize. They fired and were suprized their shells were going of 1/2 mile behind it.The next day they were told they had been firing at a jet!

Michael Harrington

Don't give Tal a second queen. The position he would sacrifice them for would be completely losing for you.


Why not use graphite?

Brian B

.....I am in AWE of you that your workshop has all this wizardry..... plus your knowledge on movement of parts..... thanks from London

vikash kisku

in question no. 13 there should be three digit no so in the 1st place we have 9ways except 0 ,2nd place 10 ways and 3rd place 10 ways as well because repetition is allow but you have done 1st place in 10ways why???


And the variation where you discuss black playing Ne4 in response to the pawn push e5, if white responds with Bd5, then black has the move Nxf2! Kxf2 dxc3 Ke1 cxb2 followed by black playing something like white doesnt have the capture on c3 with tempo choice! Again a razor sharp play ensues...:)

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