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I'm really a novice so even the screws and bit sizes would help a lot.Next the volsung saga the legend of sigurd and the dragon fafnir the myth of the ring of the nibelungs and his history relations.But anyway it's awesome that the same music is used for both XD I think it's a cool little tune.Suggestion Hello Agad, just watched some kid beat a grandmaster.

Where are my Lincoln Logs?GIVE ME THE FRIKIN TOY.The magician from Riga is (was) unstoppable.The craftsmanship it takes is an inspiration!Great shop speakers!

Enjoy ur life is awsome!I am learning so much with your videos and I have a mini learth can you do a video about machining ashaft to fit a ball bearing always I failed to do that.Kh1 was not necessary, in my opinion, but we shall see :).2000 volts off a microwave transformer doing around 500mA will kill you as soon as look at you.Love that clever addition!You seem to know more than they do.If you want a positive connection, get yourself some square head screws.

Threw me way the hell off when you asked me if I saw that at the beginning.When you glue up the final pattern, why do you glue the extra pieces of white wood to the others and then cut them off after it has dried?Let’s open this atm cough cough.Alexandria low key thicccc.And yet I've decided I'll go for a round mallet from a branch instead of that big block.

5 : 27 Anh ra ma e7 Co nuoc chieu het ma.What Magnus did on the other hand.Today we don't do tests, we have hipster designers with macbooks.Wooooooww, congrats this isthe finest guitarIve ever seen.I think her version has lipsrebates on the boxes for alignment.This is mate in three moves.

Good game and lovely commentary, simple clear.Eugene could make that shirt into a crop top thooo.I've seen several of your videos now, didn't realize how easily I'm entertained :) It's somehow comforting that there are units sitting in landfills, they find newspapers from the 20's and 30's that are practically good as new.Is it me or as hikarus gotten worse.Getting my first lathe in a couple of weeks.

Joo Maria Maurcio Sobrinho


llew virtue

It's polsmore not Paul's more


Just came to check this puzzle out. Your voice is awful though. So bad. Intonation, pronunciation, all over the shop. Dreadful.


This game really was a marketing masterpiece.

Kristy J

Bigfoot footprints? Did you see how far they were from each other?


do all the games work in all regions? I am wondering cause some of the games on the store page say (US) or (ML) or nothing. what does that mean

Joshi Reinard

Did the "not loosing streak" from Ding end?

Meenakshi Shukla

Pleasewrite my nameshashwat Plzplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as my birthdayis comming plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Andrej Antanasov

What happened to Vidit in this tournament is similar to what happened to Pillsbury in the 4-player tournament he played after winning the one at Hastings, except the reason for Vidit's decline in the last two rounds here wasn't due to illness. He started very strong and then his performance dropped.


So that'show my big, beautifulblack guitar was created. I have a much more detailed and intimate knowledge of what goes into these instruments. And to think that so many of stringed instruments - and wood winds - began with a bunch of trees. Add to that, people'screativity and millennia of experience.I am humbled.

Topsey Kretts

..i would love to Pimp my Ride...really enjoy watching this, thankyou GCN...

i wanna be rapstar

I mean Ned went to Yale. I almost always forget about that


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