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10:14 ALL THIS WAS JUST A DREAM CARLSEN.Yanl anlatiyon at e5 den once h3 oynanmali.If white still moves qh2 then black can guard the knight with qe4.Thanksgood video.

All the best and keep

All the best and keep

Though I learned to play in high school study hall, the first opponent that I can remember was my housemate, who regularly beat me while he watched TV at the same time.Vast knowledge increased.Due to the deeper socket heads, the screws are better at staying on a driver when being carried (think magnetic tipped screwdrivers) and being fed into a deep recess for the aforementioned reason.DRAW BY INSUFFICIENT MATERIAL, LOOKS LIKE A WELL ACCOMPLISHED MEDICAL TERM :).When it comes to math, I’ve got A LOT OF flies on me.A very romantic dude.

When they leave the board so often, especially to go to the bathroom it is most likely the case that they are cheating.What is price of this.I wonder how it hits.This was 4 years ago.And there's nothing more to do: " continue from move 545 to 600", and now there are no more options "now rook to f8".Morphy is hands down my all-time favorite.I've been playing (at it) for a lifetime - this lesson, particularly how it relates to the pentatonic positions, really opened my eyes.

"sweats in French".Kuttikkaalam orma varunnu.Rarely play chess at all anymore.Soo he was regularly beaten, humiliated and tortured as a child, was molested and never told anyone, AND he had a significant head injury?LOKI GOT SMASHED BY A HORSE.This info is top basic.Spins like rubics cubeUh.Everyone else is just being paid to play a brand with their name on it.The supplier I purchased from went out of stock on 2 of the items today so I'm glad I watched your video.

I do not impress easily.I hope someday I could make planes half well you do.So what actually happened?What version of stockfish?Relate ako sa kanyang tatay na ayaw payagang magaral ang anak dati sabi din ng tatay ko bakit magaaral p ganun din un sa bukid din ang bagsak ko pero hnd ako pumayag na hnd ako mkpgaral kaya gawa ako paraan para may mabaon ako sa pang araw2 sa school.And from this game I learnt a lesson: Castle before they crush your castle.There's only one Agadmator.I don't understand English, but I really liked these ideas!He told a kid that he's going to be buying him a father's day gift for his 2 o'clock class.

Gowri S

why dont play a5 in 1:55 if Ra5 Ra8


5:32 why didn't you check him and force him to move his king so he can''t castle?


Great job....

Gotta Go

Everything was going great ...Until u lost me at 0:31

Quoc Cuong Le




Francois Roewer-Despres

"If Black was excited about losing, they would take with the Queen."


The Most Critical members of the Code Breakers were the Japanese/Americans. They belong to the US Military Intelligence Unit.

Shay Scully

That was a brain uck . Not logical

Levi Nolan

This insanity always causes problems.Kids abused always end up disturbed.It is our responsibility as a community to protect kids and lock up child is our responsibility to lobby for prison for child abuse.

Sharon Sueta

Hello po! nood lang ako dito. :)


That was a brilliant game!

Ago La

08:08 white queen has no defense. so why shouldn't black take the white queen with Qb7?!

Rick in Texas

This is a brilliant enhancement to the famous 21 card trick. I have always been intrigued as to why the 21 card trick worked. Your insight was very helpful.

Dave Pathaniya

Me during exam 3:47Me after the the exam 4:26


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