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Chess -Why Alien Chess is good free android chess application for you?

At 16:00 Magnus misses checkmate in two!In the beginning of 90% of your videos you say, "Sorry about that," then you reach down and do something.So basically we have no idea were gold comes from.Puru was just a small King of small kingdom on border of india gave him his toughest battle,the army of the mighty Magadh empireof central India with 10,000 elephants would have eaten the whole army of ",this stupid great"for their breakfast.Why am I watching this at all?

I always play f4 as white.Will execelentes comentarios muy completa y una partida bien activa :p.Your builds and videos are first class.Will sandblasting smooth out the wrinkles on my face?This is ultimately the result of unbridled immigration.Oh, and thank you, Antonio, I simply love THAT chess.JJDD'sbrother seems so chilled.

The king can not put himself into a check it's a illegal move.How can i get the friends?I just looked up fort Dade and it’s a 57 min drive from my house I live in Summerfield Fl.Thank you very much.Simply Sacrifice Your Queen.OMG my engineering school started us off with c - first year - 2nd semester!Now to write 'Hello world' in Java:public class Main public static void main(String args) System.Profit (no really, but maximizing effectiveness and saving money).

Spoilt an otherwise excellently informative video.

Spoilt an otherwise excellently informative video.

I am workingon the design for a chair that will use 34" plywood.Paul Morphy has amazing play.Grandmaster Karpov was the strongest chess player in the world for more than a few years.Earthians creating horoscope and calculating the fate of human being based on the planetary movements and stars.CHINA WILL FK AMERICA SOON WAIT AND SEE.To See true quality is a gift from Heaven.Honestly it is much different than Windows, but I also think the average PC user can easily fire it up and navigate around doing your basic PC stuff.As a small school kid I was traumatised in basket weaving.Of course a battery Dremel.

Eric: wait, i can triple botez gambit.

Eric: wait, i can triple botez gambit.

You need to have somebody 3D print the other knob for that radio.And what is your rating.IIRC the Matterhorn is on the Swiss Italian border, and that square red flag is the Swiss flag :-)I mean, I guess that's quite close to Germany!This is seriously impressive.Don't be cynical morons.To come up with this plan and put it together made me subscribe.Fifteen moves or fewer.


talk about Michael atayah

Yi Zhang

Nothing grinds like your dog. -Magnus Carlsen


Don't play hope chess against Ding

Kevin Jourdain



When the violin changed the liquid color I was like , wtf

Sean Dafny

Damn this channel died. Couldve been so great

Scott Simpey

Man that wood really pops and shows it’s beautiful grain when you put the finish on it. Great project Neil.


It's interesting how there are still different ways of writing some of these, , and x are used for multiplication etc.

viga loga

This looks like doctor strange checking all the possibilitiesoff how end game was gonna end

Cristian Gamboa

This southafrican guy has to be very good, he hold up quite well.

Abhishek Cp

48:56 50 crore ulla pqyyqn...

Herman Sherman

Can you possibly do a video on the hedgehog defense?

Earnie Mercer

Looks good. Great job.

Deuce Jessen

What is that blue guitar?

Gannon Garfin

Why is everyone commenting about his pronunciation of vase? I mean, he’s Australian, not American.

william waru

I was in my house and then the light stared flicking and then I got a cratch

Josias Mayo

Ivanchuk is the best!

par co

Even the chef meat sauce is definitely not a Bolognese sauce yanks


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