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Its too much fun to watch Svidler playing and commenting blitz!I have the same mitre saw as shown in the video but did not grasp the aim or the solution shown in the video.As opposed to teaching the novice about the game.God has no gender.

The head cleaning tapes were good for stashing your hash or a few grams of weed, never found it after countless searches of my car always in a very public place with the hood, trunk, and all four doors open to make a show of it and me look like some big criminal, when I was 16.I always promote the pawn to a queen.This gave me a dark yet optimistic glimpse into the future.We all love you for posting such a long video Jerry.So happy to see gen playing my main lol hanzo is so much fun to play.Puppy giving the "I don't know how to play Chess," look.Fell asleep twice trying to watch the livestream lol.

Auto chess launcher )).Puzzle Solution-Rook to G1CheckKing to A2Queen to A3CheckNow there are two situation:-1)If King take Queen,Rook to A1 and check mateBecause It can'tmove to A4(Rook),B3(Pawn) or B4(Bishop)2)If Pawn takes Queen,Rook to A1 and checkmateBecause It can't move to A1(Bishop),B1(Rook),B2(Bishop) or B3(Pawn).911 in a nutshell.The nutcracker was in the chair before Moe goes into the basement,25:35 Moe goes in the basement to look around and the nutcracker is standing just above him while he is looking at the dog but if you pay attention when he walks out of the basement the nutcracker was in the chair and he walks by the trap door and it wasn't their.Also, I would have sprayed the bare metal with etching primer and primer before the blue paint?In 1975, the Soviets and the International Chess Federation FIDE claimed the title on forfeiture in what is still a controversial issue and thus began the FIDE World Chess Championship.

Still same at chess.Please let me know if I have missed something.How do I bring the downloaded script to Unity please?"And to his Horror".Your craftsmanship is impressive beyond words."Retreat, like a french man?

His subsequent move was also invalid so the hustler could claim the win then.It's been just over a year since I added a video to the Beginner to Chess Master Playlist:one took the longest to put together, and at 2 hours is the longest thus far in the series.Bass Ventura: Clef Detective.Ineeded sum 12 clamps.Talk about Bliblical and world history intertwined.

cirous sadeghi

at 5:12 couldn't black play G5 instead of BxF4?


Cool video!

Subodh Singh

Awesome way to explain!

Josh Andrews

Best dovetail video I've seen, thanks forthe easy breakdown of something that to me as a beginner can be a pretty tough task to get right!


Karpov have aged.

Horvatic Horvatic

LUDNICa Na strpljenju

Elisha Burns

F I pressed F

Tom Builds Stuff

I never would have thought it was so complicated by looking at it installed. Watched the video because I was curious how to attached it to the wall. When you're so meticulous about the fabrication you can get away without epoxying it in place.

Burger San

Awesome video, thanks! Also, every same color square in a file has an odd number of squares between its fellows...

Bee Smith

What iswrong

suraj s

Thanks a lot

R U Excited

Stay excited, keep moving forward!


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