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CNC-Engraved Aluminum Nameplates

A mi me gusta jugar muy agresivo sacrificando piezas pero.Absolutely gorgeous Zoe.I cannot understand how it is spelled.This bread is incredible and sO easy to make.

6:00 a blunder from those small hands.firse dekhne aa gya.But the colour effect is quite nice.It is so easy to use and only one bit for all.At 2:03:47 you can see DrDrunkenstein in 209th place, rated 2882.

Named after mr gambit.Smiley face at the end of the video great motivation.Also I would play this this the same.Si tres peones llegarn a coronarse los puedo cambiar por piezas muertas yo tener tres damas o tres torres ?)ST2TSTT-SO2020.What did the knight say when he killed the bishop?This commentator.

I can't imagine the engineering genius it takes to make this work.I just started wood working last year and never had a clue what I was doing.I just love her accent.What happens if black defends with knight to e5 to cancel the threat on f7?Anh i, pht 703 sao anh ko xung Tng b1 bt xe :)).Hilarious and so refreshing with some humble rumble lol.Nulberphile react?Another good video!An excellent series of videos, keep them coming :)p.What length pocket screws for the skirt to leg?

Shalom Biblehouse

man!! seriously.... U ARE AMAZING... HATS OFF

Hey I'm a Maker

Sorry, I'm late, but at least I made it :) Also, your intro reminded me of the Edison Twins.Google The Edison Twins Intro since it's a Canadain show and I doubt it made its way down south)


Nice presentation, thanks guys!It's often hard to follow these high level games the commentary made a lot of sense.

Kooky Kutter

Wait, wait, wait. No line connecting the cat and the grass in the more complicated example? Clearly, neither of these people have ever owned cats.

Taicen2h Game

Y el espaol?

Ana Cabrera

I enjoyed SO MUCH this video. I would love to see more of this I think it's because of seeing all of you together, chilling out and laughing that much

Erton Decani

U make chess so interesting :)

Jennifer Davis

I tried this method and it really worked! I was very impressed. I got 15,000 from wirmonhackers com

a low budget channel

this guy is legit lust like my english teacher


Was torcher watching this

Monte Cristo

7:27 in three moves u would move ur King to d6 too

Vishal Patel

capablanca vs mikhail... plz


So much of technology


The moment you said Hyperbolic time chamber (DBZ reference) I became a much bigger fan of your work!

David Dashoff

It's not impressive. It's cheating. At least according to the USCF. He's moving his pieces before his opponent hits the clock. His opponent probably did not object because he knew he was going to win anyway.

Manuel Mathew Manu

baaki ninta appan kanniko


Kramnik saga to look forward too in a few years, can't wait for the Berlin in Berlin :D

Unstable Alpaca

At 11:40 ish, what would be the reason to not play e4 to d2?

JP Ramirez

mato please please ignore this comment.this guy has no idea what he's talking about.anyone that enjoys your channel would NEVER say make them shorter!the longer the better.we appreciate seeing variations and even better the humor you provide making your a great chess personality.what terrible criticism.roman dzindzichashvili's hass videos that are over 30min long and he's one of the most instructional teachers alive.keep up the good work mato.

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