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CNC made chessboard frame

Thank you for all your videos.Masama ang maging salbaheng anak.13:42 "black is completely.Someday I'll be a Grand Patzher.You got 20 seconds.Puzzle me buzzle!Yes, I too do have a fully operational drill and files ready to use.Loving the improved video production quality.

Now I'm not a woodworker at all but as far as I know there one should use some metal inserts instead.I wish we could hear what they say after the game is played.I adore Magnus Too much!

Prrrrr no sabe es nimierda.I love the video, however I felt the title was a bit "click baity".YOU SHOULD TAKE MARIE BARFF AND SHUFFLE OFF TOMSNBC,I HEAR THEY HAVE AN OPENING TO HOST HARDBALL.(14:10) -At 20.India beats China.The stamp and the awkward negative space in the bottom of the board here would make it well.I'm watching this Russian guy make cutting boards.It took Apollo mission 10 hours.That move would definitely make a player a world champion.Why this guy toch his eyes and head all the timelooks like he lost his nervs or he is crazy.

Which player cannot see R e8 check and the pawn become a queen.I personally almost always play 15 minute games and do bullet chess ever now and then when i'm in the mood.What is best app for checking best move please reply me.What if the white castle's his king.It was basd on his research.With the long end down, you have a few inches protuding that will give the fence of the saw more directional stability.Adobe Coldfusion - It is totally outdated programming language no one should learn from now on5.Don't start with C!

Did you learn all this from chess books or is it a talent your born with.Omg this track is by far my favourite of them all and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye and creates a motivation inside of me, making me realise that the world and what goes on is very real.Don’t Be AfraidTo Grow - Master P.Can this video help me to learn some js stuff?Nice build but I also wonder why shelves are only 23 depth.There is one more way just move your king to g8 and f8 after that makequeen.Man he talks a lot.It can be correct that negatives are greater than infinity as euler said.

Watching Ben Finegold has got me interested in it again :) I got a chess app a week ago in hopes of rekindling my love of the game and looked up offensive openings to give me the spark I was looking for.Your channel should be getting much more attention than it is.Where's full game.The night king vs the human computer.But 81 moves against Carlson is a victory, to be sure.17:00 "what is a variable".QIf IT be playing 4k from YT?


Nice actingWorst. Direction and screenplayAbove average vfx Above average fight sceneNice music


I always ask myself why the commentators aren't world champions because they always seem to know what was the better move.

Ken Kowalski

If it melts at 200c it's not stronger than steel.

momopototo airsoft

That's wrong it's not from Dumbledore's pheanix fawkes

Shawn Roberts

22:38 analyze for yourself and THEN look at it with your engines....sound advice that is mostly ignored in the amateur community.

Eiji Sanchez

I alredy buy dyroth but i use flicker but i change my mind petryfiy is my new spell

Edd Animoots

Me: hold my beer I got this 5 hours laterMe: I got to go to the bathroomcar driving off

Jono Rezzillo

Invaluable work

When Life Gives You Lemons Make A Cheese Soup

My brain literally shut down when anything Math was mentioned.

Donna Regan

Christ what precision you are AMAZING ,love from England

Parth Thakkar

Take a shot whenever Naka says 'It's just a draw'!

Omega Visual Branding

The Bob Ross of renewal. Very Chill voice and good result.

Sandip BAmrel

suggestion .. At 11:56 why not rxe8 following by qg5 and next moveslike qh6 .. Or did i miscalculated


Great vid. Kinda looks like pallet wood. How's it sound? That would be great to hear at the end. Good work.


Everything it's good. I use liquid nail in back of the moulding and that way a put less nail so the job looks more clean well maybe helps this like a tip


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