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Coding Livestream - Come Play Online Chess with Python & Pygame

You should just explain the game and the moves without giving your opinion and telling us that this was done before and blah blah blah.Era tan importante ponerse a ver los extintores?He goes too fast.Who is here after almost ten years?Plz mention the name and author.Oooo he looks mad when they ask where the body is.Just delving into this topic in a serious matter.

Easily the best DIY video I've ever seen!

Easily the best DIY video I've ever seen!

Probably one of the best segways to a sponsor, lol!Subbbbbbbbbbbdddddddddddd.What can we add instead of cheese cream."That was when Kasparov and FIDE were arguing and stuff.Thank you so much, I was exactly looking for this.1982300 highscore.I get what you are saying and it makes sense, however, I cant help but notice that you mention the names of each opening as you make the moves.I actually love Johns deadpan humor.Iam from india and iam very interested in your work.

Can i have a picture from you.

Can i have a picture from you.

I can barely make a cup of coffee then I watch you make a peace of wood change into a wonderful instrument.This was BRILLIANT!El q entendi entendio.I’m in network marketing, this helps!The best part was those beautiful twins.

Este man est demente,

Este man est demente,

I'm hoping that you make one with no p5.Vote with your heart and your head.I wish this guy could pop me into the fourth dimension.This interviewer needs to run for president.That is, a pair of bishops consist of a light squared bishop and a dark squared one.The lower plants and the fish are MESMERIZING and then it feels like when you got to the flower part you stopped trying.

The Chairman

Fab video Jonas. It's a Classic for The Ages.

Bryan died FPV

I am new to woodworking. I have been looking up ways to sharpen. I think this is the system I will go with. Thanks for the video.

Sophie Burns

This one was pretty easy. I’m addicted to these videos

Patrick Ryan

Rook and bishop against rook is not always a drawn endgame. There are some positions you could still win.

Klaus Daume

This is a truly beautiful story. I love your work and contributions to the open hardware and RepRap community since I built my first ever printer in 2013. Unfortunately I can't afford an original Prusa printer but I can't keep myself from building new printers and improving pieces ever and ever again. This video inspires me to keep up with stuff like how I do. Thanks

Jose Barcelo Perona

5:39 you can't casting becuase the bishop of A3 is controlling f8

Woodworking kh

Hello dan lok

Santanu Borah

Watching in 2020...I need its extended version

Captain jack's Living

I have a calculator... It does all the calculations for me....

Narez 11

thanks for the lesson !


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