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COMBATE ⚔ la DEFENSA 🛡 PETROV con IDEAS innovadoras - GM Paco Vallejo CHESS24

Many thanks for visually explaining this concept.The Computer prefers 6.Whats the highest rating ever?Been the pirate.Great job,the board looks awesome.Knightgo 7E,by fork.

I so wish I had tools you have :.A dream come true.Captures with a pawn, but could have captured it with a queen.A9 -a7 a1, and a5 -a3 a1.Some next level shit.

From 17:10 how did you open the console?Your way of thought needs to die.At 1:43 you can hear a voice saying mommy or something.Joe flirting with Ebony AND sitting awkwardly super close to her got me feeling uncomfortable.I don't think it's pathethic.I will happily buy a template pack but i want to make a bunch of these clamps.

This tells me

This tells me

It seems you have alot of it.00:06 I hated this action from daniil.Did my mediocre skills fade or,did it get better.Do not know what to say but awesome!Qe4 Kg8 white can do 2.That was the best Speed square video I have ever seen.Love the music selection!That's cool indeed but why not Nb5 instead of Qd2?2:17 castles gets checkmated on the next move Pikachu clueless face.

Try to look at this, magnus playing chess while drinking vodkapostlnk.Take a shot everytime he said he doesn't know what he's doing.Whats that cube he is pressin sometimes in the beginning of a game?Fischer was a loudmouth and cocky.Very charismatic appearence by Eric, Danny and Robert.

Infinity doesn't exist, it's as simple as that.Love your enthusiasm and explanations!Thank you so much for the video, it doesnt matter what you are making, the techniques you share are awesome!Hay to who ever is responsible for tha adds video game adds well all yall r doing is pissing people off so fuck your stupid game it is retarded.Blocking itself from reaching the edges of the playground.I can't imagine how much money is sunk into that shop (his employer's), but it's gotta be a ton.But I kept stopping the video closing it and then coming back to it at least 10 times now lol.

On the turn right before the

On the turn right before the

Always wanted to know to use that tool.Japan was save by typhoon at that time!Ever bring a item back to the original owner to show them how it looks afterward ?They snap very easily.Hikaru complaining about Alireza being so slow is very similar to Toby Maguire complaining as Bobby Fischer about the Russians.Thx, Matt, Brady.Verry inspiring sana lhat gnto lumlbn s hirap ng buhai mkpgtpos lng.I love Ali with blonde hair.

Ee padam lalettan abinayichirunnengil ithinekaal nannayene.Perhaps you like it that way, just a thought.Maby like the 4th time I watch your videos Best regards Kristjan.Why didn't move Queen h8 checkmate?I live a few min from fred wests old house theirs a cycle path their know.

Taps Ars

This film director deserves to be locked up in a high security mental asylum for the rest of his living days .

John Nicholas

What is the slow speed click? I didn't notice it at high speed. My PM has a bearing going out?

Me Too

I was playing the best guy I know at chess and he's actually playing it like 24/7 so he knows the game very well, anyway. I brought the game to a king v my 10 points of pieces and because I didn't know my endgame with many pieces I stalemated the game.This was 2 years ago and I still nearly cry when I think about it, and I don't even play much anymore

Comrade Mack 313

Where are the cupcakes Dre !!!

Dimas Bambang

Agk selow laaah

America Ruli

Wow!!! Beautiful.

Jean-Michel B

I guess I'm the only one never seen this before?!!


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