Chess kansas city

Hello my blog

Comparing humans with the best Reinforcement Learning algorithms

That Rook deserves a promotion.Anyway good job sir, I'm currently learning chess really appreciate the simple breakdown of this lesson you presented.Welp, if anyone knows how to play chess, it's the Russians.Wow, tedious work, but beautiful results!Really cool video!Thanks to you Jhon because of these lessons a lot of people like me are learning more and more chess.

Wow awesome job

Wow awesome job

My 2nd one purchased used, was a Teac A4010S RR quarter track deck.Basically you move a few pawns first turns two squares.Epic video my friend.I really like your ending sentence.Or, it's been pointed out to me.Going to tell you this and that and this and that and ultimate conclusion.

My idea would

My idea would

Warning for nation with lots of churches, foriegn castles in your land forbidden fruits creates a black market and those going to them can be compromised!Actually, Rousseau is not that much of a Rufus he was a French chess master played some good players.Kim bop is sooo cute.Thank you very much for teaching me am just a beginnerwho wants to learn how to play this.Just play chess titans.Lol, his underwear line is very feminine.

It's just after I thought about it a

It's just after I thought about it a

In the end who won the cough competition?Won't do that twice.All of it seems like its in the past now and that 12 year old me would've been happy to see 20 year old me have all the things he wished he had back then.I hate these things.Congratulations for your work, they are implementable.How to checkmate in 1 move:1.KEEP HIM ALIVE AT ALL COSTS (EXCEPT PLAYING F5).

Nuuuu the scorpion don’t eat my sign!And you did not even touch self organised criticality.Very good use of time-lapse to make the video enjoyable.Lou is being a badgering prick.Thank you for the craftsmanship and showing how to make things that will last for 50 years!

Sean Christopher

Yeah, just another way we stuck it to The King...Queen AND QUEENS ENGLISH..


Ben Finegold! Terrible!

America Lost

The infinitely large vs the infinitely small?

R1 Geek-L


Nathan Baker

Anand did win.

Kiko Oko

Only now I realized the Dutch and French flags in the opening of the videos.Two openings favored by the illustrious Grandmaster. :-)


Bert's pants emphasizes his child bearing hips, did his grandma buy him those pants :-D

Matare Macaundas

Ang gowapo ni aljur ehehhehe

Neil Kilpatrick

it's not democrat vs. republican... it's not conservatism vs. liberalism... it is theoligarchy vs.the people... it is class warfare... support and vote for Senator Sanders! are you a person or an oligarch, the choice is real, and simple too...

kooky flukes

Nice job. Some good tips about bandsaw blade choice.

Elizabeth Due

Heirloom furniture. Awesome build Brad!!



A.H. Shukry

Nice. Real nice.A lighter color for the wood dye, and a final matte varnish would've been better - maybe!


That was incredible. How the hell do you defend against that? When you take a knight then a rook for free you'd think the game would be won! I wonder how this style would go against someone like Carlsen? Would he have calculated that finish?

Putri Ayu Delia Fi

wkwk iklan awal nya ngakak bet


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