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Cool Math Games - Checkers (Part 2)

(Essentially, those were synchronous motors, which normally stayed locked to the AC pulses, and were therefore the motor of choice for clocks.The letters are blocking the pieces.Dont do such viedos.Mraming ampon na nag ddala ng swerte sa pmmahay.This is good spare time act.So cool to see behind the scenes.This dybbuk box gives me the heeby jeeby chills colder then a penguins feathers vibes.That's a labor of love, right there.

I love how you word things 8:50 the most poisonous rook to stroll the e-file the such a strong statement.Excellent video!Please don't hate me for this comment.There is a way to solve this problem like a normal person who understands that alice knows bob can have olny 6 or 8 and bob knows alice can only have 10 or 12.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DANI.I always imagine there are those few people out there who hate everything, and they all hang around on Youtube.There is bishop on c4 protecting rook on f1, if QxRf1 thenBxQf1 and there is no QxRf :) Mato is right!The old man win the first one and the second one!

"Lol, I love this guy.Bishop to King 7.Lovely, but what is Danish oil ?Anyone else get the back to the future joke?I bet he sleeps with that.It was a really enjoyable video to watch!Great video with tons of useful information.

Who invited beer

Who invited beer

So The Probability to be catched on the nth possible day (in this case 2n1 are possible days) follows a geometric distribution.Just that energy of Jerry itself is awesome.This definitely takes me out of the brick and mortar thought process I was letting myself get in to.Even a piglet is cute when it is young.Love you twobeautiful souls !I really enjoy it.Precise, concise, and highlights the key implicit strategies at play.Do everyone a favor.Just go with what Chaz said and just cover the entire table with a plate of hardened glass.

Do you ever have problems with CA glue bonding your fingers?Dedication level agadmator's fan.10:30 Karma ng pang-aapi sa mga tiyahin ni Roy (mga matapobre kapatid).At 17:44, I don't get why Kasparov didn't play rook to c1, pinning the bishop.I think your friend should have set his line width to 3.

I wonder if it would be

I wonder if it would be

I really just starting to learn about the treat business.Looked what happened in the us it was there 3 weeks spreading now its almost impossible to contain ban travel.DegreesThe 6th angle 9.I agree with Anatoly fight till the end if u draw 16 games play till the first to win.Yup queen took on g2 but rolled over to g3.It is no a longer human play.I am average at chess but the bishop sacrifice stuck out to me--only because I already had been told it was the greatest move and it had to look crazy on the surface.

So call reality tv is the worst thing for black people by racist white people.The highway overpasses are placed periodically between sets of ramps and are only overpasses.Wow wait Kurt is kinda.Can you set difficulty levels?Now that's a knife!This is the only recipe which worked out for me.

Minh Phan

Wow this kid might be the next carlsen

Hondo Trailside

The weak part of biscuits is across the joint, on the minor axis.There are a lot of ways of adding strength with biscuits there.And there are also a lot of situations where that will not be the failure mode for the joint.Helps to know what you are doing.

GTR Nomad

Ivanchuk played Kasparov watched.


When I soak my knife handles in oil, I put the knifes and oil in a plastic bag, then put that into a container similar to the one you used, but fill that with water to reduce the volume of oil needed around my wood. Might be a handy trick if you're low on oil and need to soak a long piece.


Awesome examples!


on move 23 magnus could take the bishop ,that was a MISSED WIN

Chris Chris

The amount of prep work is mind boggling. The finished article is worth it!


It's been my daily-driver for schoolwork and occasional light-gaming for the past 3 months, I absolutely love it!

Julia Ramirez

do NOT bring tom back !!


I wish the camera was zoomed into the art more. . really wanted to see all the little details


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