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Copa Dicharachera: Pepe Cuenca - Leinier Domínguez

I lovethe way you destroy people on chess haha So calm.No premiere rush in that list.Next time is one dimensional chess.Beautiful stick.When black moved the rook to C7 to attack the G file, wouldn't white have been better off moving his rook to G1 to defend G7?What if Ke7 at 3:13.

I would love to play this

I would love to play this

I don't think I've ever seen him throw a fit like that before.Retreat with your knight3.How about the Frankenstein-Dracula Gambit?She would jerk him off while bathing him the get enraged and physically abuse him after ejaculation.Seems like a lot of this work takes a good developed eye.I'm trying to find this road on Google Maps to no avail, can anyone please tell me where this is?

He totally ruined

He totally ruined

AI is a buzz word.I get the feeling that chess players don't like Stockfish and enjoy seeing it lose.Estudio y prctica.Andrew needs a flask filled with good whiskey for tonight's live coverage.Bruh castling will stop this.16:25 Why not Nxa2?It's the chess board I've seen so far.

Their dope I want to get my girl

Their dope I want to get my girl

I'm probably missing something here.Did I miss something?I'm just starting in javascript and I get errors right at the start when attempting to create those constant variables: "Parsing error: The keyword 'const' is reserved".I pray for alll of you every night!Bro BGM ah cut pannuga.TRY TO REVISE THEBASIC CHESS.

Subbed great job.Together, we'll do extraordinary things.If you blunder that, it's a Botez Gambit)Cool!What program are you coding with?No is the answer, therefore it can't be infinity either.Hello everyone,this game was played in 2018 between drawlsen and daruana.

They are by far

They are by far

Subscribe to 3D printing nerd.The complications that arise after 16.Can't ever pass up a Plum Crotch Hollowform.What I learned from this though, is that if the system is powering on and you're getting the green PSU and motherboard power-ok LED, why not go straight to the RAM modules next time?Happiness is a sharp tool!

Eric Eden

34:58 Drops camera.

Patrick Kuenig

I love that beard, it's the same as mine :)


I'll trade you a sub for a sub

Vincius Henrique


Winston Smith

Cheating commiee

Anthony Soprano

Fake Politically Correct BS Now.. Mofos Got These Lo-Key PC etc Views But Remy Yo...

Jim Bradshaw

nice work


wow. hope he has sponsors and gets married. Wife can give you a lot of inspiration.

Blacklisted TV

Let's be youtube partners, keep making contents like this :)Hit like if you want to be partners with me too

Richard Vedder

Wonderful! all I need now is to take a few thousand dollars and buy tools that the average guy doesn't have.

qun ng

2 game easy nh


I just love how many of the letters sound so similar, especially when spoken hurriedly over a somewhat noisy line. "ee five", "gee five", "dee five"... they are all easy to confuse with each other.

Ragi Vinod

What you learnt from this video - dont go straight attacking your enemy. But the girl played very well. Wish her gud luck for the next time.

Michel Nabil

Can anyone give me the link of this account on ?! I can't find it ... I want to check the analysis of the games, so I can learn how to be good at openings vs lower rated players

Debbie Mae Bond

Whats inside it


11:01 Why not Nf3? Black has to take the exchange so as not to lose e5.

Random Brown Guy

GingerGM needs to buy Ben's bestseller, CRY LIKE A GRANDMASTER


People genuinely, seriously think we’re dating and together. There’s obviously no truth to it. Obviously.

anthony macadon

The commentator is a wanker. Fancy interrupting the genius.

Kyle B

now that table is badass!! BUTTTT... I think you know better than to work with power tools in the dark man


in videos like this one I always see these huge stores in the USA, but there are never that many in Italy we have big stores similar to this (obv not that huge), that are always quite full of ppl, even if DIY is not very popular.I really don't understand how the ones in the USA are always so empty???

Ashish Singh

Old: chicken produce eggs America's latest: eggs are produced by chicken .

Jose Torres

Dog is burninghome


Be more evil ALWAYS!

Floris Groeneweg

Clam is rouletting in the wrong direction.


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