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Creed: Rise to Glory VR Boxing w/ Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, & Ivan Drago

I got confused at 24:54I thought name and daa type and initval we're going to be seperated ok back to the vid, but a lil help need a briefing on what just happened there with that nameinitval code example not sure how that's an algorithm or representation of (disclaimer I'm a beginner).My highschool had a grant for these things, but they were even cheaper somehow than the standard models.God bless Rose, amirite?

Thank you linus.

Thank you linus.

Great stuff use this daily, can loop sub programs to do pretty much anything using loops.I think it would go something like this with all of the necessary pre-visualization occurring unneccesarily right in front of your face in a multitude of colors and shapes resulting in you making a mistake that seems obvious to everyone else because they're not watching the pieces perform an elaborate song and dance number on a pool of melting chocolate.Ads betw music is extremely distractingi hate it.Quelle surprise it can't compete with this new (and, as far as the chess computer part is concerned) incredibly ugly machine.Why not take pawn at 5:07.This is how much people love domino's (also including the pizza.Hey i am from Mumbai(India), help me with this.He doesn't remove the check, then how does the game goes ahead?suresh gopiude.Man my brother I love the way you explain chess you make it so clear and easy too understand thx brother.

Please speak game chess ou damas ?They look much better.Dude moves the pieces so aggressively he scared the squirrel at 3:05.Excellent game sir.I think todays defeat was different than yesterdays.So, I’m an idiot who wandered in.

It's like when in cartoons the hero says he will be using his special magic supermove and gets everyone hyped but he just uses a regular crazy strong punch to beat everybody.Plz make more vides on openings.I retreated like a Frenchman.I could watch this all day.while the opponent is racking his brain doing the math(geometry) and relying on his knowledge in science(physics) just to hide the cue ball for safety.The move is Qc6 and after Qc8,Rd8, Qd8.RotateZ function (angleZ) var cosZ Math.This cringe from u passing up those yellow stars.


top notch!!


This must be one of the smartest plays I've ever seen. Thanks Antonio!

Great Geekax

You take a tree, you remove 95% of the wood, you get a soulless piece that does not take into account the veins of the wood and that is really ugly.Pity.


20:58 queen sac on H4




Galat he bhai


Imagine doing a RSA-Methode with that Prime number

Huma parveen

Superb very tasty n colourful

B n Hot Boy

th xe rt bt ng!To bo tht

Ariel Startswithanr

Now I understand why the used game store has so many copies of Cubic Ninja.

Doug Gale

Great video, very technically accurate.


Well this sounds cool but in reality you can learn in this way only if you travel to a country and you stay with people who don't speak English or your language at all, and who are patient enough to not correct your mistakes, which, from my experience is rarely possible. In most of the cases you would hang out with people who speak English well enough to switch the moment they realize you have difficulties understanding them. If you hang out with such people, your motivation and necessity to learn this language decreases. Also, many people cannot afford to live somewhere for 6 months, in these conditions. So yeah, thanks, looks good on the paper


Man, think of the things we put Mario through in all these years of speedrunning...


Pawn c6 shuts down whites attack


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