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Wonderful game and commentary!I know the green ones can be made by pressing the scroll key, but had no idea that you can make red ones."Extremely beautiful chess game" you are right again Mr.Miss u gopika mam.Bxf7 should've been mentioned, but otherwise great video!Nope - that is not only patently false but also minimizes and trivializes hundreds of years of oppression, suffering, and exploitation.The epoxy is not FDA approved for food contact, but boards preordered will be sealed with a food safe finish that’s fine for food contact.The subtitle is a mess.

Just realized this is a full medley LOL.Looks like you can use CNC for shaping foam for this type stuff.0:43 Greatest wall they've ever seen eh?Com hat is dope af I want one, also Alexandra let’s play I win we go on a date.Please upload 2 countries.

Totoo nga siguro yung pag.

Totoo nga siguro yung pag.

Fantasy Match Carlson Vs Tal.8:16 big mistake golan could capture the queen.Also, black's final position against the white king looks like Larsen(?Not even a good day I could make those cuts.Superb attacks and Counterattack threats!I used to not like you, but your actually not half-bad.That's amazing.

Beautiful absolutely Beautiful.

Beautiful absolutely Beautiful.

It will change your life.Could never be mass produced--until someone builds a strip blank boat building robot, which will never happen.An average mind in that instance. Also, the closer you get it to the work the safer it is.It was very simple design and child like.

Ting khng khp lm

Ting khng khp lm

The game at 1:30:08 Carlsen sensed that he was going to lose like 20 moves before.Magnus MISSED THE WIN.Could probably do this with a cnc.Sana all, ilang years akong nangungulila sa ama na hanggang ngayon nag hihintay pa din ako na makita sya pero sana dumating na yung araw na mag kita na kami.Great work Hikaru.

I’m about to have an excellent Christmas d4 indeed.How do you mix the colours for cubes?I didn't realize how much Eugene's hair has evolved lol.  your timing is just perfect.If this is the altered timeline or the past of the future, then they might already know that nothing lies beyond the universe.Stop at 9:27 and just move the second black horse to kill queen game is over.Where do you get the live stream?

1:44 why notQa4 Ne7Qxb4?Best thing there is.JM fan mko kht saan inspiration kta.I gotta get you a new flannel shirt bro.Zero superiority attitude.3:00 Why not the fork with Kxe6?Baking powder Nahi daali to.21:00 queen to H4 is killing shot.I was going to use pine shorts for the legs and laminate them as you have.

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John Bartholomew : Are you also planning on creating video course of Dvoredskys endgame manual ?

Arturo GS

Muy bien explicado. Felicidades! :)

jiya rt

Thank you sir


So Yummy video "put a kitten in the microwave for 30 minutes. out pops a delicious chocolate cake" "So Yummy!"

Jay Hearne


Shawn Moore

Hey Joyce! Just so you’re aware... you’re wrong af about racism.This division 100% started in Obama’s second term. You’re a complete dumbass, if you think different!But then again... you are a bitch ass nigga!..Example?You want smoke with Yelawolf. Threw them bars out on a song.Lol then, when asked about it you don’t wanna talk about it cause it’s a private issueStfu you dipshit!If it was sooo private, you should of kept your mouth shut and not throw shade on a song.Lol you dumbass libtard! Suffering from retardation and TDS.Great job little man


Did Magnus beat the Aryan?

Best song!

Maria Kerry

Every day, every hour, backgammon games and tournament at GameColony com!

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very nice bro

Yellow House

Noenand the try guys really show the difference between internet famous kids and entertainers

Al Arista

in 10:12 of the video wer u check. knight can capture d queen. how about that.

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