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One of my favorite countdowns from you.Ie x81, then x8182, then x818283.You will regret not doing the dishes last night.1:14:24 to 1:14:26 I heard a breath that was not Moe or Ali.

Take it with tamarity!That is gorgeous!Is the woman asking qns a player ?

Matthew santoro that's not a damn 61 camaro,

Matthew santoro that's not a damn 61 camaro,

Trump will win 40 states.4:40:33 Eric’s pronunciation of Ferrero Rocher Chocolate.But that's chess I guess.In this case I will just admire your work!3:45 What Is This Pas Pawn.I hope everyone heard what he said at about 7:00.I thought they would already failed since they excluded gamers first.Thanks for letting me know there was a giant child hand in the way, i would not have noticed.We ended up winning our doubles match.

Did D’elia take his

Did D’elia take his

33:03 P basically said Youngboy them a bad influence on 3Three.Conclusion: a 3D printer creates more work than it saves.What would be black response?Why didnt white fork the black rooks at 14:45 white would have won that game.Keep your irony for the neighborhood chess games buddy.I tails them I seas dowble rainbow ween I seas a mate!Dura Lex, sed Lex.Sama aku palingan kalah.

Burritos - A State of Food.He talks about the things that we cannot even think about but science has proved them.There are numerous cultures around the world who use non-decimal base number systems.I note on some car spokes that the base(against the hub) is tapered in a wedge shape as your are,but the sides taper too, every second spoke has an opposite taper,around 15 degrees on each side from the outer face of the spoke.How on Earth can such a player outplay Magnus Carlsen in a blitz game, not once but twice, is beyond me!I would suggest making a dust collector.C om i made just over $700 this week with them!For example, "Who would take advice from a guy with only one table saw?This was the golden age of youtubetwitc chess ):.

If you can prove that (proving something impossible) is impossible, then that is a contradiction since you just proved something impossible.Awesome work though :D.Surprisingly though, even with just one or two pieces left, black still had many sneaky tricks that he could have done.She’s gone from me but has not rest her head.Good content for sure.At 9:10watch with speed x2.Most of the time I do woodworking I don’t measure using rulers I use the wood itself.Great looking piece.

Washers or coins.When he does present his thoughts about the moves andor position it is very helpful and when he does present his ideas he does so in an understandable manner.I havea apple pencil.This makes zero attempts :P.Amazing and beautiful work.I dont feel bad for the girl gamers they get that simp donation money anyway.Future JPL rocket man XD.

Priyam D

The last paragraph in the description is horrible. It makes sense to me now what Agadmator said in the video of the game between Smyslov andGligoric titled "2000 spectators roared ..." . He said Gligoric was not very happy because he understood what it meant for a Russian GM with white pieces to lose to a non-Russian. I had not understood it when I heard it the first time. Now it makes perfect sense. Great Channel and great commentary. Thanks,

george derisse

Thank you for sharing your skills with us about the speed square. May God bless you as well

Rohit Singh

Best ever game of KING MIKHAIL TAL.

London is blue l


Terrence Kharkongor

Can we use whipped Cream instead of cream cheese


Interesting thing about fried liver is that you talked about the F7 square which when the 7 is flipped over its FL (Fried Liver).


i'm 2 years or so lateto this video, but i gotta say. 26:22 is probably the funniest part of this video to me. your delivery with jokes and telling us information is stellar, it makes for an awesome video. i really like how you include humor, too- i have the worst attention span and yet i was hooked watching this (i'm not even a machinist either lol). wonderful video!

Jef Pauwels "Red move, you fool, you fell victim to one of the classic blunders."Me: "Undo and try something else" "Orange, you idiot"Me: "Good enough"

omkar pitale

Love you bro........


knight hanging on e 7? 1:16:14

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2:50 pe agar knite check deta to ....tal knife capture nahi karte apne king to move large b2 par Mikhail tal .....hai oo sr.... Ultra calculation vala dimag hai unka

Adat sumaiya

ye cace butter milk ki vaghse khatta to nahi lagta na ?? plz replay me

Tuomas Lunti

He moves before opponent presses clock, is that allowed? Magnus could just delay his clock press for a second and stop the clock and say illegal move as dubov has already started moving.


U just got a new sub

Jake Lile

The smell you describe would be a high sulfur content.

David Lall

its beauthful ............think im gonna make one my self!

Burning Elsen

Nice transition at 22:47.

Daniel Schoeman

Fantastic. Neat and organized.

anjas moro

18,619,609 msih nntn dong dri sblom 1jt

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