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Hello my blog

David Ferrucci: IBM Watson, Jeopardy & Deep Conversations with AI | Artificial Intelligence Podcast

He wrote a book ) well I guess you found out by now but just in case ).The only way I CAN get something done is if I procrastinate.The quality is amazing very heavy and solid feeling in the hand.Is she allowing Dada to win?If we treated mental health with the same urgency as physical health.Buena maestro luison.You'd be so lucky not to come against me, id kick your arse from e or d 4 to checkmate.

Watching it again since no upload on this relaxing Sunday 15102018 !Carlsen believes his the king, his wrong!Numberphile: Why 8392483717683001948491874 is a special number.

Great stuff man!

Great stuff man!

The message as I understand it is, don't exchange pieces without thinking, but of course if exhanging pieces is part of a grander strategy you should go ahead.I love playing black against the closed sicilian, easy equality.Ign:Unknown WarriorId:450723265(3968)Astrocat kimmy.Wow I'm amazed by this machine!Decimal Delta degrees square root pi less than more than%percentreply if I got some symbols wrong.Mission accomplished!Watching you learn helps me learn and your work is inspiring.To answer your question.

About that patch - my

About that patch - my

Looks yummy nd m gnna try it v soon.Issue was you used the JJ Abrams bastard Enterprise and not actually the Gene Roddenberry Enterprise.I am not a GM or anything but I do know that "feeding two birds with one stone is still killing two birds".I was thinking it would be too heavy,but from the way he carried it, less than 50lbs.So if she is not free or dead by the 6th day, because he would have had to guess, she knows, that he has 8 trees so she can respond 20.But it is a lost position.Still have Shinola as well.

I love to see how metal is worked.I wait for mine.The only tape that apparently, unfortunately for me, our players would not eat was Liberace.With the turtle.When I eat and I pay 25EUR it's natural, I don't think, but damn it is hard to pay for.I find that disrespectful towards the players and the viewers.I now understand why you all felt so compelled to comment on it.Also do you still do paid, commissioned work for people and if so do you usually use those for content?A greeting from the south of Spain.

Blunt Ape

Nice work mate is that a scotland flag i see on your ford?

BRUCE Paintings and Decorations

Wow all the way from Ghana...loving it

Drunken Assassin

2:40 you can legit see the scene playing out just from the sound of this part


Donald Trump approves of this video

Dennis C.

Always great videos. Always see your support for other woodworkers. What you’re doing is helping so many people! Keep up the great work!

Ivana Hanzic

best chess channel but this "hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!" breaking my ears every time I open the video and didn't prepare my ears for breakdown


whats the music?

Charles Nelson

So...we should 'allow' all real numbers....and complex numbers...right.Seems to me that mathematics is straying further and further away from 'usefulness' andbecoming a philosophical 'game'...where in order to progress we simply 'bend', 'allow' or 'ignore' the previously existing rules.Suddenly everything is possible...and irrelevant at precisely the same moment. Bravo!


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