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Debo: "Ave & Chess Was Battle Of The Night" | #NOME6

Trump has endorsed the RINO Mike DeWinethe 70th Governor of Ohio.Mal wieder der Knaller!Great looking table, and features.I'd love your opinion.Is DAFC at 1:55 a pun?If one then you have 4 grown.You really make me want to buy some tools and learn.Dear Mr Chess Audio Books, Fantastic instructional lectures!

What an evil

What an evil

This asshole shares my birthday, hope he still burning in satans paradise.See they both made a terrible mistake very very early in the game and nobody realized it.At pati mga magulang ko sinusumbatan ng mga kapatid ko.What about the tools, time spent sourcing the materials and also your own labor in addition to the net cost of supplies?Biden couldn’t strategize his way out of a wet paper bag!Going back 100 years, wasn't it Alakhin who deliberately blew cigarette smoke into the faces of opponents who didn't smoke?How much epoxy resin was used?

I love playing chess this way with aggressive front plays.Can you play chess?8:35 Those two lines (EH, HD) were catheti or Cathetuses of that triangle, and the bottom line (ED)was a hypotenuse.Imagine how much more we would have if women had been allowed to contribute back then.If you do one at periscope depth you could hang it by the periscope so you don't have to stand it up on anything.

You're the greatest teacher

You're the greatest teacher

Expert: IS ASIANEugene:." "it's tedious"No crap.Can't you just say that you make all these moves at once and say you won the game?Yay so happy you're back!12 perfect combination.Sometimes, I watch Alpha Zero games just to hear its final thoughts at the end of the game.Awesome work, as always, Steve.Marybeth tinning was actually released on parole in lives a couple miles away from me!

Kyra Weston

Omg, I was so into the video, my daughter's cup decided to squirt milk out, and well I jumped out of my skin, because right when I first saw the name by the horses, that it happened.

Sam Levine

Awesome video! Compound interest is so important for achieving long term wealth!


"Why are you doing this?" "Because it's fun!"

Roland Mendoza

Key word: is it actually fun stuff -leonhart

Balloons and More Gifts

I like the 2nd leg set.

alexis vasquez

loved it!! I never learned how to play, but my son does play. I've been wanting to make one for him.Thank you!!


Used to be a time when Chess used to be one of the most rewarding professions. These days nearly all sports have left it way behind in terms of prize money and earning potential.

Cliff Mcewen

You are an amassing woodworker, thanks for sharing

Firippu Martinezu

12:30 Wow. Down a piece and still wins. After that, I was assured it was Carlsen.


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