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Decisive Attack with Black in the Schliemann defence

Scared gun company noises.Ok but how do you ensure that the corner joints are properly spaced?This is the real story of Eldo's, one among many that must be told!12:35 wouldn't white just play exd5.Love all the precise details!WOW, I am shocked and dismayed by the number of negative comments.31:13 How did that pawn eat that pawn?Impossible to follow with the delay of the analysis board.

Man this was just

Man this was just

Love chess and Fischer life styleI relate and like his innovations on the game O' I also made 1s of my own.Beautiful and elegant choice of line for the piece.However in my opinion the greatest moves by Carlsen are subtle positional moves, not fun for the average 1300 audience but in my opinion the embodiment of his genius.Subliminal message video?Yeah, that would have been weird.

And DeepMind also would be proud, should

And DeepMind also would be proud, should

I was gunna like eventually, but I had to like immediately at princess meow meow.U guys are amazing.Theydo make it look easy.If you are looking for a high powered machine, this is not it, it doesn’t take much for it to stop spinning.In at least two years’ time, some new glitch will be discovered and the world record lowered down to under 40 minutes.Highly difficult is to understand the Grand masters game!THANK YOU for the inspiration, the ideas, technique and all.(I rarely write comments).1:58Dont blame us if theodd1sout comes in breaking into your studio with a batt.After watching til the end this bitch was just deluded af.

Like porfin le gano a mis amigos.Im glad i found you.0:58 Radar, yeah thanks that ruined World of Warships :P.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!My vote goes to the person that respects himself.Naka is Eric's daddy lol.It was VERY interesting to follow the Sillicon Monster Evaluation (SME) at 45:00!Dominos are better, but they really can't do anything you can't do with a biscuit and get as strong a result.They are charming, nevertheless.Isn't this just like 1 infinity ?

What would have

What would have

One thing that’d have made this video perfect.One knight short of half a fortnight :).I love watching people work, especially craftsmen!I’ve never understood the cutting on foam board.Watching this for the umpteenth time, but this time it's leap day, or is it?

Mark Quinn

Well I'd describe the game a little differently.White appeared to get an attack, but maybe it wasn't there and should have just gone for exchanges.Black castled, then un-castled to stop attack on h-file.White overlooked e6 trapping his bishop, white had nice idea to sac it on b7 in return for d pawn and massive control of dark squares.I wonder if black could have played Rc7 instead of Qxb7, keeping the d pawn and aiming to capture the bishop with the rook there must be a reason why not because black thought quite a while.White played the nice moves Qd4! and Rd2! ramping up the pressure (Qd4!).It was hard to see what black should do, although there was no immediate threat, so black had the idea to play Rc7?? and then run K-d8-c8-b8 and then he's winning, but he forgot about Qg7! exploiting back rank weakness, an idea he'd probably noticed earlier because it's sort of obvious.White remembered it in time.From there it was quickly downhill I didn't see a defense.Aizenberg played some nice moves, I am surprised his FIDE rating is still in the 2000 - 2200 range.

Pedro Sotelo

rook to e1 check sounds kinda like rook to ivanchuk hehe


Thank you. You taught me something really valuable.

Khnh Nng Quc

You have a lot of cubes!! Are you a cuber?


Hemoroid green?!

Gwen Briones

Sarap tlaga balik balikan tong storya nato.. Maki balik nga.. Who's with me still watching until now


3:40 The workers wears bubble wraps around them, no wonder its so clean. Thumbs up Kern.

Prasetyo Wardoyo

Mantap bang !!!

Adam Zaim

blackbtty123 That's not a blunder even if the rook goes back to e7 to watch out b7. If after take's the extra pawn and then go takes other pawns, White has a chance to queen his pawn.

ko op

You don't 'alf talk a lot

Graceo Cakeo

why didn't he get rid of all the supreme stuff though?

kilin bloodsword

Love your videos great job.


What is the model number of that table saw, please?


James: takes off shirt Eugene: gaying


At the point where Carlson missed the winning move, why isn't H3 a great move?

Raum-Zeit -Kontinuum

we have these machines inside of us, Thanks to the Chem Trail Planes dropping them off onto us and into our Food system, Thanks Government!You can NOT know all of that! Thats from Alien Knowledge's and Technologys


He is a deterrent for criminals


Wait for jhon you eat bats that's cool I mean yea my friends bring a dead bat to school and eat it totaly civilized

oscar finley

what about e5 on the first one?

loopy Head

Good Job.. The Moomins have somewhere to rest their weary heads )

La Ngaw

so much work but its nice, good work

Jason S

No Craters... swore I saw a dozen in your photos... SMH youtubers....

Craig Keller

Great job, very creative!

John DidNot

Just in awe with what he made, plus he's got skill with the way of the sword using the side motion with speed for a clean cut, thats just talent right there


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