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Demolition Job | Leela Chess Zero vs Komodo MC | CCC10 Quarter Finals 10'3

Compound your interest for three years and buy a tv lol xD.Seems the reviews are great, but a few people are saying the quality hasn't been that good.Please show us the games where carlsen looses.In fact if you used a prime base representation, instead of the base 10 representation, the ending digits of some number raised to different powers will cycle with size p-1 or a divisor of p-1 for powers of all integer values.Yun iba kase naghahanp agd ng Afam na mayaman.I can feel the machine vibrating in my house.He's a serious contender for the World Championship, as he matches up well with Magnus Carlsen.

Going off line while he enters the next moves.Also, Marybeth was a whack job.I’ve been knowing about the caged system but not like this my mind had been blown away, great lesson."This is how I always feel when I play someone who is significantly better than me at chess.I have never been overly big on lyrics, and have always felt music more than listened to the words.

Thanks and please keep the awesome work!She doesn't sound like a normal victim!Would you like to know what spoiled the interests of this game?The concepts and the way he brought it up is amazing and one must to ponder.MA going for low hanging fruit.These are very popular in Russia - Vodka, Pelmeni, Caviar, Borscht.So in the future we might get anti-cancer cancer-inducing cancer medications?What a mind, what a mentality.I’m hobby’s beekeepper.The first 1 tho.

Crying for your microwave.

Crying for your microwave.

Table saw scares the hell out of me.I recommend it, if you haven't watched it.Very interesting plans for something like that I have found on the stodoys website.Working through the pattern makes it stick after a few attempts on an analysis board.I for sure need some aggressive stuff added to my game, but this one is absolutely crazy!How can I get collaboration with you.Thank you for sharing.Definition of a True Champion.Makes me think of Blue Man Band, lol.

Jerry, I think it's time for you to step up higher as a commentator.The epoxy looks like wood man.Unstoppable force indeed.Lots of electronics components of the boards were specialy made by Philips and very difficult to find, not easy to repare.That game was the shit.All Trump would have to do is gish gallop and interrupt Biden, which incidentally plays right into Trump's wheelhouse- attack, attack, attack.

Something cheap that works will make

Something cheap that works will make

Oh, how I wish you where a member of my family and could build such for me :-) Really good workbench :-).The a nhug mjh nhjn the co dj cug bt thoi ma.Who are those 609 crazy hoomans who would dislike this?I don't play chess but i watched most of your vids lol.BUT the older woman and the "old heads" were really cool to me and actually protected me.Can anyone tell me at 8:25 what was the issue with rook takes on d6 ?How long did that that to make?And thank you very much for using the metric system of measures.

Dylan Perez

Ik you do these type of things but why tf would you even do that why would you do that in your houseweee you should I’ve did it out your house

Anson He

is it possible to give a smothered mate through promotion of a pawn to a knight... against stockfish 1?

Jon Brooks

What is the black wood used for the top?


out of that whole excellent video (that'a really dang cool duplicator!) what struck me the most was using the starter point of a spade bit as a predrill for the twist drill afterwards


Professor Layton, you really had me on this one.

Mathavan Ramanathan

6:24 he missed fork

Nicole Veerasamy

Hi anyone know the name of the song please?

Blood Haven Studios

Laces called hickies.Me: the red spot on someone’s neck?

Xiao Wu

1:30 white goes first 2:16 black goes first so black will draw if white goes first he/she will win


AT 10:38I see the Ne3 move, then taking the FREE rook. the other way won anyways, but this seems like the best move to me. Am i not seeing something? i'd take the rook vs Knight any day....

Jonathan Lindsey

note to self... if magnus is in the tournie and eric is doing the commentating, DO NOT WATCH

Daniele Patane'

I love the way you present your videos and I love what you build... congrats


This always makes le laugh A LOT

sandeep kunder

can anybody pls explain at 7:37 why not queen to c3 check then grabbing d4 with forking queen and king? is there any chance to promote pawn with the help of knight and king??


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