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So the board excist out of 2 woods ?Your accent is so tingely you should do asmr as a side project.I don't know if you call that a bishop sacrifice but it's something that never would occur to me because I can't see enough moves ahead.How much would it cost me to make one?I made a pod that's mounted on the outside of my shop for plywood storage.What is the timer on these games?

Fun and entertaining :).I cant believe magnus won against rebecca harris xD.People want to play Magnus, not hand and brain!White king was a walking dead in this game !:guy got a light?So please, come up with an original name for your genre without trying to declare any other dead!Oh my word - you’re amazing!So Everett yeer on the rad is yor birthday is the ras.Glad you two had so much fun with this.6:24 PAWG gets me excited too.

Get the best wood working project from Plans.That's it, it shouldn't be that the Queen were a King without crown, but it should be really smaller than it.The Chess Board, Door Lock, and Jarvis were sort of the high points.Pozdrav iz Beograda Antonio!Lou is being a badgering prick.There are several picturesdrawings of him, I suggest you pick a better one.Literally no one:Boy at the back 2:58 : This smells good.0:20 Did Jerry predict the winner of the 2018 candidates tournament?Please let public know what cleaning company is cleaning evergreen hospital?

Tal ki agle vid me kalki tip ko display kre plz.You've slotted the neck, driven a decent wedge no need for glue.I watched this whole add.Special congratulations to the art crew.I didnt even know that the game had been released ty shin.La dama esta clavada por el rey XD.Furthermore, a6 wasn't at least discussed in depth -- preventing Bb5 but also preparing to grab space with b5 and an eventual queenside attack.

What is the product being used at 14:26?Yo moe u is my dream come true I love the scary stuff I would so do want u do i would so go with u i live in maryland love u bro.Why do you have to make two moves?Top choices were nailed.This game was poor mato.What is wrong with Bf4 for queen pawn opening?Should have applied a thin coat with brush and then 2nd n 3rd coatp.-the melzi mainboard from creality has a ''atmega1284p microproccesor'',but the mks gen l has ''32-bit STM32 microprocessor'' -is that a problem if mks gen l has a 32-bits microprocessor?Sino nga ba yung child actor that played Lester in this?

I'm sure there were diy people back then making something better for a lot less cash.I love how this turned out!Season 7 more live Beeson 7.Can’t wait into four player chess.NOW YOU SHALL TRADE YOUR SOUL.

Bang 3:08 emang bisa yah kita punya 2 msntri?1 request can u do "Royal Kesh" this name art plz.What am I missing?Will you marry me?The square doesn't provide the common rafter lengths but provides you the angle of each pitch.Just saying at 38:00.But its soooo cute.It's made mostly of two elements that are usually in gasses when on Earth, hydrogen and helium but there is so much of them in the Sun they are compressed by their own gravity to being 13 times denser than lead in the core!

Zach .K

Hey Jerry, I've been watching a lot of GM Ben Finegold's lectures and he heavily presses that the queen and bishop is far superior to the queen and knight.Obviously position is unique, but in general this is his stance and I've found in your previous videos that you seem to favor the queen and knight pair, would you mind going further into detail?The only difference I can think of is the bishop generally has more squares to observe and can attack from a distance, making it easier to safely coordinate with the queen.However, I also see how the knights unique movement can help secure squares with the queen that a bishop and queen would have trouble controlling.I suspect my thought process is entirely wrong, so any advice would help.Thanks for the videos, you help a lot of people.


Michel bullying flatearthers for about 21 minsEdit:my spelling damn it

Evandro Barcelos

Great work as always. Congratulations And thanks for sharingthe vdeo. Regards from Brazil.

Desterii DelQuonomonna

I have a strong end game...if I can make it to the end game lol

W. Johnson

I'm grateful that I have a loving and caring mom.


"Going to war IN your country VS. Going to war FOR your country" !? Ocean deep!

Ole Laustsen

Great video, loved it D


20:07 can someone please hook me up with the sauce!!

Marlon Morales

I never thought artezzy was also very good at chess, LOL

Alec O

14:45 that isnt a checkmate. He can take the queen with his king and be okay

siang yu

i tried the Tennison gambit against a rating 400 computer but it did not work


Parns lol.

Yotam Abady

This game is really a modern opera house game, not just the bishop and rook manuever, but also blacks kingside rook and dark square bishop didn't move. Just like in the original opera game white used all of his pieces and black couldn't develope.. really amazing game that deserves this title

Vikash Mishra

Superb game


12:53 (White to move)1. Nxc8 Rxc8 2. Qxc8(Black has the only move which is Bf8) 3. Qxf8Alternative checkmate btw

Timothy Sheridan

the next prime always occurrs before x squared.. i got that one.. unpublished..


Great craftsman, very very informative! Keep up the great videos!

Robert Blitch

That came out really nice, good job

Helium Road

It might be just a sound effect, but old computers really do sound like this. You have modem squeals, tape drives spinning, printers clacking, it's beautiful! Thanks for this vid.

wajih bleik

Thank you for doing what you're. I learn a lot from your videos.


3 seconds in and i already hit the like

Jorge Jara

The song is awesome by itself, but when combined with the pleasurable outro of Techmoan, it's becomes damn incredible

Jen H.

Issues are not the only thing I’ll talk about tomorrow I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll talk to you later I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll talk tomorrow night I’ll talk tomorrow I talk to you later love I talk later talk to you later love you guys I’ll talk to you later I’ll see you tomorrow I’ll see if I see you tomorrow I’ll


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