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Desafio - 800 a 2500 de rating no | EPISÓDIO 22 |

Thank you for sharing.I can't remember what Zvezdelina has for breakfast.Edit: THEN, the nigga said "SLAPS" at 6:50.Thanks Jerry for posting this, I really enjoyed it.The Chinese get "regular" flu, too.Perhaps the misconception of longswords being banned comes from people associating Asia with Europe.

It was then that Agadmator emerged from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, having completed a year of intensive training and achieving a power beyond his limits - he went forth to challenge Carlsen for the World Chess Championship.Doesn't seem like you could, because what if the tolerances happen to cause interference?Bruh theres a chargerwith it.

Correction: (4:24) Dennis Ritchie was a co creator of UNIX, not Linux, back in the 70's at Bell Labs computer science research center.Great video, except I had to mute it every time Danny spoke to avoid cringing.Supply the kit along with one of these well presented tutor session's on CD.But aarokkeyoo illathaakkki.Like if it was so epic!Why are you in hurry explaining?Nuts, I don't have rabbits, I have hens, will that work?

Dark pieces look amazing in

Dark pieces look amazing in

Me: Do YOU LIKE CATS AND KITTENS?That position has given me trouble in the past.Why is there a pawn on g7 in the shot at 1:53?Great analysis Jerry!Wow great ways to set the mood, Thanks for the work.Ap nm aplikasi ini bang?Jerry is the best.That rook went through the pawn.You guys make me sooooo happy and I’m proud of them coming all this way and I hope they keep in going on.Looks like it'll be tough for white to avoid a mate, even after knight B1-C3 temporarily delays the inevitable.

Wonderful game and commentary!Thank you for sharing your knowledge.This is my work music.Well into 2018, I would say Fed was playing the best tennis of his life and I absolutely believe Fed v.That Ivanchuk one was a doosie too against Anand with Maurice freaking out on commentary.He’s loving it.

8:07 Knight to f8, getting the knight to

8:07 Knight to f8, getting the knight to

If just one of 7 and 8 is charged, there is a good battery in the 34 pair and a good battery in the 56 pair.From Star Wars to Harry Potter John Williams is a god of a composer.2:22 Princess Ryukhr!Great job they are beautiful.Great job at teaching LATERAL numbers!Steven seems to be out of his mind.Great work and thanks.I dislike gm nakamura.Great in tactics.Highlight of my day.


Those meal aren't pasta bolognese

Bangkok Homes

I agree very well done..

I Don’t Stress

LOTR is better

Fire Blade

Lol it's just the game of 21, it works in multiples of 4s


this may be stupid but at 2:39 couldn't black have played pawn to f5 to fill the space and use his kingside pawn reinforce?

Into The Unknown

But how do you charge 100x if they are a start out business. I’m pretty sure they bet wouldn’t have paid millions for a logo when starting up? Question

Trevor Hawkeswood

the great tal

Quinton Hall

Superb work!

J Chr G

Meteor struck here meso america

Abdulla Aburomman

The best and the most professional commentator I ever seen. Thank you so much. Quote: "It's not how many pieces you have in the board, It's about how many pieces you have in the battle"

Caysen Zajni

Is this still a thing I would win

reuven dove

this was 50% gayer than usual

thinking man of 1978

Jon killed him 3-0...Gecchi act is getting old

Mister Apple

I got here from the forty minute proof.


i have a dremel, so there.


Awesome. I have let my woodworking lag lately. You always have the ability to inspire.

Andres Medina

Me gusta tupastel eresbuena eres linda bonita Y buena algn da sers famosa




You don't need to reach your airport 2 hour early. The issue is that if you reach it late you miss your flight, now let's say its a holiday /vacation. Our last one was London Heathrow to LAX. We live 3-4 hour taxi away from Heathrow (taxi is roughly the same price as train or airport parking, and more convenient as no drive after a long flight and no hauling car seats and suitcases and tired toddlers from 1 train to a subway train etc.) . Our flights cost 2000 premium economy for a family of 4. If we get stuck in traffic or a queue at immigration and we miss the flights we loose the flight. We also loose the 6000 of accommodation we have prepaid and the car hire and our whole holiday. So our next option would be to rebook flights for sometime in the following 24 hours. Most planes were fully booked and we would be paying another 4000 extra for our flights. Not wanting this stress is why we arrived at the airport 2.5 hours early.

ron ziegler

FANTASTIC JOB of building using many talents from ages long ago... My father had a bob sled on the Wisconsin farm I grew up on and every Saturday during the winter my father and his four sonstraveled to the woods to cut pole wood, piled it on the bob sled and made the down hill pull to home to the wood pile to be cut up later....THANK-YOU for the memories.........

Bruce Blackmon

Very nice!!

ibrahim Askar

Future hai chess

David Lecorchick

This attack on you is sad.  You are helping promote chess and doing no harm to the Saint Louis Chess Club.

Rahul Menon

It was a tie for those who dont know the result..Well.. how did i know?... i just found that out from other comments


I feel like I'm in 5th grade watching this

Scott Howey

Your just did hghlights from a few matches not even that good


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