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Desta vez a chinela Cantou | #Xadrez quatro Jogadores

The music gives me age of empires vibes.Every time I watch a complicated numberphile video, I have to sink another 30 minutes into watching the proof (sometimes more than once).I almost sleep waiting for first move.And very sensible chess analysis, i love this GIRL.So did I but he’s a freak of nature.I’d love to take one of her classes.U please tell me a good book(s) for learning mechanics.

By the rules:e - e 0e should be algebraicwhat am I not understanding.I want that Nintendo 64 T-shirt.Kramnik had unmatched composure.Inspiring Series.Sir ji mikahil tal ke games ke upar aur videos banaiyiye.

" - I love that!

" - I love that!

"knight to E3" :P.If you call 911 for a women assaulting you as a man in the u.41:40Bxb2 winning material?Ubaidubhi1996gmail.Might be easier to put your epoxy in a squeeze bottle and squirt it into the large lines and use your squeegee to just feather it into the smaller details.Also, the Joker movie is overrated.Thank you all and see you soon.

"Bob can always win,

"Bob can always win,

This one of the most useful videos,tips for me at least.RxR with forced mate1.Hopefully the technical difficulties are over with.If you stole my 2 million dollars but you slipped and said you took 3 million of my money then, I am owed 3 Million dollars.We often think of the Middle East in a bad way, and it is, but actually PersiansIranians are quite impressive.I suffer from the same disease and would like to hear some tips from you on how to deal with it or what could be done to try to solve those issues.If Carlsen had OJ instead of Coke he would have won.Wow, you must be very clever.

George Blackley

Jimmy d is my hangover cure....

Carlos H. Almeyda

When Brian passes on, he will be buried with the Red Special and have his gravestone be in the shape of it.

Laura Martinez

I new to wood working and following your "The weekend Woodworker Basic Tool List".As my first table saw, I got the Dewalt DWE7480recommendation.

Michael Harned

I understood how this worked when I was 13

Mugil Muruganandam

Rook to g7


Why not just start the trap one turn earlier? Before moving the h3 pawn?

Aaron Wrecks

Thanks for actually analyzing your own game instead of some bullshit computer position that no one could calculate!

Carl Rundle

"When people say I can't play chess, I just look at them like, that's ridiculous.I teach 5 year olds and 6 year olds, so.."

Andrew S

You created a vertex

John Buerger

Really nice use of the scrap wood.

Happy-grump Cat

is it just me or do I hear Nyan Cat?

Maarten N.

Wow that's tight! Two thoughts though. Maybe it's an idea to do a stress test on the motor. Just to see if the RPM fluctuates under different loads from the programming pins. Secondly maybe you should paint some visual cues on to the programming plates so that composing becomes easier. Anyway keep up the good work!

Cassius Clayton

I'm Late On This Battle But Geechi Got Em And I'm Standing On It

Mauri EM

Finally the forehand flick OMG INSANE !!!! Keep going! I'll always support you!

Light Light

I love your work so beautiful.

Gerry S

anyone else have a tablecloth on their workbench?

Hector TZ

Techmoan love


10:50 to block the rook you could move knight to d7 or move it to e4 then d6 next


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