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Destroy London System Like Bobby Fischer : Paul Keres vs Bobby Fischer

Please money, listen to Linus!Kinda disappointed he didn't go in dept about our culture and how deep the swinger rims go back to 1983' - 84.Buen vdeo maestro:).Bravo beddu picciottu poche parole e tanti fatti.Else how would you promote a pawn to queen when you have one on the board already.

We are addicted on "sorry about that" why didn't you use it in this video?I wished you had patters of that table so so nice love it.Not that it would have made a huge difference.6205000I must admit that it is a nice job but not precise, too bad for the huge waste of material.All of these things are so cool.

He's normal And isn't arrogant.

He's normal And isn't arrogant.

Doesn't hurt to use glue on all joints.You, sir, are an artist!And you did not even touch self organised criticality.Will you not wellcome your new subscriber by giving a heart.I cant wait to do so!That method of using brad nailers to do it like you did is not recommended.Third day half of the remaining grows leaving one seed.

Its ok da normal sugar.Calming, relaxing Thank you And some piano artwork, you can have a look at.Or for more ease (so you don't have to hunt for the wrench or screwdriver), maybe a quick release bolt like you'd find on a bike.Super bro easya understand panna mutithu.Nice little knife.Just plant your palm on the table and you your fingers as a feather board.Can we use cocoa powderin place of compound chocolate.Very satisfying video to watch.

90 felt right to me : though

90 felt right to me : though

Really glad I stuck around for the undergroundunderdog story of the year featuring the Troll from Fiji.Mute sound and enjoy !I don't know what to comment.Wszystkie moliwe "liczby" dla wspczesnych matematykw to: 0, 1, 2, 3.Nore u aswhole for bringingup TI.

Do they make head polish for bald guys

Do they make head polish for bald guys

Adad its best :D.At least with hammocks you can sleep high up in the mangos without drowning!Looking imaging video.Naweds edaeinsn you Batte chess Bida lease cdong ous.Nice game for a World Championship Match, eh?So hand on heart - fuck them.

hari teja namala

u just showed a wrong analysis.without bishop sac there was a direct mate

Unknown Prodigy

Do any top level players accept the queens gambit?I know I always do, and I suck...

Skowi Jordan

Everybody sing this songDuda! Duda!Everybody sing this songOh, Duda day! ( )

Michael Aldridge

my fav part of the triangle is that when you get a double numberif you instead move the digit over to the number on the left. as though you were adding numbersit makes the powers of 11(Not counting the 1)

Mc Coy

Yung luhang kusang tumulo ng hindi mo namalayan. Gulay...

Angel Tomov

Income improvement video, I like those

Kemal Halitovic

why not rook c2 at 5:41 , he would win a queen

LaMont Melrose

2:01 - there's 2 reasons why people scoff at you using the word prophylactic...1) This word is used in describing a condom, so you have one crowd who can't stop thinking about sexual activity. 2) Others hate when educated words are used, because it exposes their ignorance. There is nothing wrong with using the word prophylactic...haters will hate my friend, and whoremongers can't help themselves

Joe Wok

what does Main[]string args mean?

Josh Colletta

Only 18 pounds!

Usamah Khalifa

You look like that penguin dude from batman


wiy youhave

Radim Myn

pat :) its good for Kramnik

Adam Hare

If carlsen played with 5 accounts all at the same time reckon he would probably come 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th


that Info Corner xD

Annabel Muir

My cousin could probably do it he has a hoverboard

Mahdi Farhat

how much this will nearly cost? ( of plastic filament) ?

Philip Gerlach

I would have like to have known what was going through the mind of Euwe,who had faced the the titans of his generation,including the redoubtable Alekhine,as he faced his fresh faced teenage opponent. :)

Seth Davenport

He looks very ugly


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