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DGA Plays: Command Ant Conquer (Ep. 2 - Gameplay / Let's Play)

It’s been over a year and I’m now finally watching it!Haha I made my floating shelves the same way but I didn't use steel tube I used steel rod but my shelves are half the length.Those are very old but wrong knowledge that had been inherited from the elapsed centuries, almost everything was refuted in modern mathematics and no time to explain since everything is already publically published, see sci.Do you have any tips for beginners who are doing observational drawings?I didn't see b4 and, to be honest, I would not play the line that Smirnov proposed, because I don't like doubled pawns.Like it verry much.

Turns head very

Turns head very

But How much are they?That was awesome,I really love to get into CNC Machining.They let professional poker player deal cards, no wonder she gets better hands and know what everyone has.Most other vids are halfway useless because you can't actually see where the fingers are.Celebrate Christmas!In the video, in the analysis of the variation where White draws with stalemate-- White actually wins, not draws, with exd5 (instead of e5, the move analyzed, where White's promoted Queen is sacrificed for stalemate)?

Cheers from my channel.Why not take a day at a time.Nice to have knees.Without doubt this is the most amazing piece of woodworking craftsmanship I have ever seen.I have played a lot of these guys and Akhil looks stronger than most of the gang.When the bread went0 0, i felt that.Another reason he was not caught is the majority of his victims were black and brown.

Aleksander Razny.

Aleksander Razny.

I have never seen anyone cut steel plate with a circular saw before.The only commentary worth waiting two days for.Didn't want to sleep on the couch.So if high level chess is only 50% tactics, then what is the rest of it?I just opened my own CHESS channel please do check it out.Stupid loser that claimed she only dated good looking men.Great presentation style.Its called 'Zwischenzug' she said it more like swishensog.On the 7th you already know torch will light up so you don't need to attempt that.


cut the curve with a bow the way you didn't mention soaking the head in linseed oil for about a month before assembly this not only increases the weight of the head but gives the fibers a certain amount of spring which protects the face of the mallet. believe me it makes your mallet last a lot i was a carpenter / joiner all my working life ( now retired )


Why not? After Q. F3 black Grabpond Q D4?


Great video. Thanks!

Sunny shah

Don't worry, no matter which Engineering discipline you choose, there will be a lack of girls in both,so you don't have to worry about not having girls in your class rooms, because the other Engineers are going through the same struggle.


After all of these years of watching and following 3Blue1Brown it was Numberphile that finally integrated a face to his voice!

Vasyl Shcherban

There is BIG problem here: Kyivska Rus and Russian has little in common!The successor of Kyivska Rus is Ukraine (with capital Kyiv).And Russian come more from Moscow (remote trading post) that grow up on the edge of Khan's empire....Check the map ... and everything will be clear.


You have to be a Mega Evolved normie if you're really gonna put 691 resets instead of sucking it up and putting 70.

taewon Kim

Beautiful edge!!



Ben Draynor

This is a great "pawn" movie. I enjoyed watching as she fondled her... bishops

Bright Roy

I'm addicted to your channel.

Elijah Miles

Mrs. Botez you just lost to a guy singing Mama Mia.

Email1 Email1

Bout time to you have an educational video ... takes me back to high school

LTJ Production Official

What kind of fucked up justice system would release a criminal? USA is fucked.

Justin Graham-Weall

Love it! Planning on going to makers central so may see you there!



Kevin Honesh

But when tried in my phone stockfish level 8 vs level 10Stockfish won the match!

patel Honey

In this age I am playing chess because I am a child only

Arthur Tan

Love your tutorials

Mike Traynor

great tips man i enjoyed the video keep em coming

Jr Kami

11:11 nu en ly hu n f1 th sao

Rachel Shemesh

A beautiful project in general, but the way you have chosen to cut it - all the holes, spoiled the beauty of the product .It would have been simpler if you had created a cut in another way.


I have said over and over again, for sanding stuff, contact a local supplier, there's probabpy at least one in each state over in USA. Those guys have everything at half the price. Custom belts, 8 or 9 hole discs, they will teach you about different grades of backing paper (yep, they are from A to F) etc. If you don't know where to look, ask your local furniture maker that has one of those super wide drum thickness sanders that you can do a whole door with. These belts are only custom made so they have to have a supplier for them


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